REX Essential PLUS with overdrive

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REX Essential PLUS with OverDrive consists of everything that REX Essential PLUS offers, including an ADDITIONAL 12GB of HD quality, user-scalable textures. The processes used in creating these newer textures allowed for much more fidelity and realism and have become widely accepted in the flight simulator community.

In addition to everything included within REX Essential PLUS, enjoy an additional: 256 cirrus and 192 3D cumulus and stratus cloud formations, 2 sets of asphalt runways, 1 set concrete runways, 9 sets asphalt taxiways, 9 sets of concrete taxiways, 1 set of a snowy runway, 6 sets of dawn sky colors, 19 sets of day sky colors, 8 sets of dusk sky colors, 2 sets of tropical water and reef textures, and 11 sets of wave animations.

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    • TWO Newly-engineered, industrial strength weather engine modes with integrated real-world winds and temperatures aloft.
    • Random weather generator.
    • Weather Cubed Technology with server-side functionality, takes the processing duties off of the host computer for smoother frame rates within flight simulator environment.
    • Built-In FlightAware flight planning capabilities within the new REX Flight Center. Ability to search for real-world, real-time IFR flights scheduled at a single airport or between routes between two airports. You are provided details about the flight and then able to import the flight plan into FSX or Prepar3D via REX Essential PLUS.
    • REX Edge Technology allows community integration such as sharing texture and flight plans with other REX users around the world. All REX users are now connected in various ways to each other, thus allowing them to share their creations with other REX users.
    • Accelerated texture installation process. Added ability to reduce install time with a click of a button.
    • New Environment Sounds! REX Essential PLUS now includes true environment and weather-related audio.
    • Hi-definition, ultra-realistic 3D clouds and realistic rendering of cirrus clouds as seen in the real world.
    • Sky color environments, including smoothing horizon transition & visibility smoothing for dawn, day, dusk & night textures.
    • Convincingly real water environments with tropical reef simulation (end user color controllable, including tropical with reef simulations, inland and ocean, wave turbulence/frequency, environment variants & coloring. Also new realistic type of wave and reflection included in many variations for shader 1x and shader 2x INCLUDING DX10 Compatible).
    • Airport environments (photo-real asphalt & concrete runway textures, new runway and ground bump-mapping, asphalt taxiways, concrete taxiways, realistic taxiway markings, airport signage, airport parking and general photorealistic airport ground scenery).
    • Multiple variations of sun, lens flare & lightning bolt algorithms, which creates a visually stunning array of lightning situations.
    • Fully integrated to select sky, cloud, water, airport, and effect themes based upon weather situation, season, and other synoptic, mesoscale, and micro weather conditions.
    • Enhanced Cloud Simulation to give a more 3D volumetric feel to cloud structures and the atmosphere.
    • Lighting environments (runway lighting including simulated ground glow, stunningly realistic aircraft spotlights with variations for small to large aircraft, aircraft strobe lights, variations for add-on aircraft as well).
    • 3d cloud & water resolution options for performance preference.
    • Flexibility to work in tandem with other vendor weather & texture packages.
    • User-friendly intuitive and visually pleasing interface.
    • Cloud textures including cumulus, cumulo congestus, cumulonimbus, nimbo stratus, strato cumulus, cirro Cumulus, alto cumulus, cirro stratus, wispy cirrus.
    • Sky textures including daytime, dawn, dusk and night
    • Create your own inland blue and inland brown water variations, as well as ocean and tropical water coral textures
    • Ocean and inland 3D wave animation rendering, ranging from calm to stormy seas
    • Airport environments including asphalt and concrete runways, asphalt and concrete taxiways, taxiway markings, runway markings, airport parking and surface refraction
    • Sun and lighting technology including sun, flares, lightning, landing lights, aircraft strobe lights and runwaylighting
      Mallacai Wolfe

      I jumped ship briefly and bought Active Sky Next but wasn't happy with it, enabling hurricane data caused crashes. I always seemed to be taking off in a thunderstorm with only a handfull of small clouds, it rained heavily above cloud level and the wake turbulance made it impossible to land vertically in Dino Cattaneo's f35. So very happy to have REX up and running again. I took a test flight from RAF Lossiemouth to Dublin International and I'm impressed at the fact that having wall to wall clouds over most of Scotland seemed to have little impact on framerates!

      Lester Hesley

      This piece of software is a must if you want a stunning visual while flying day or night. It will bring a NEW dimension to flight sim and you will not believe it until you take off and see the 3D clouds, sunsets and the water effects on inland waters and ocean corral. It is a sin that this company didn't originally write FSX.

      Gregorio McKoy

      The graphics will blow your mind. I found myself just aimlessly flying at all times of the day in awe. Wow! Great job developers.

      Neil G

      The most extraordinarily beautiful and revolutionizing add-on that I've ever purchased. In short I want to say 'good work', because I am not one generally for writing in and giving praise but I think you guys have done a fantastic job.

      William Vick

      REX has truly has changed my flight sim experience. It would take me too long to describe all the things this program improves but let me say the clouds and water effects are amazing.

      Ian Hirsti

      If you like FSX then this is a must!!! I wont fly without REX turned off. Cloud formations are so real, and it's great to see the coral reefs in the oceans when you fly over them.

      Anthony Yacono

      This is bar none the best add-on product for FSX. It actually increased performance on my rig! The weather engine is very realistic. Clouds are gorgeous and sometimes downright scary in bad weather conditions.

      Gary Johnson

      Everybody involved in REX are the best of the best. No exceptions. The Real Environment Xtreme program took a LOT of time work and money to produce. Nothing will prepare you for the awesome change that REX performs to FSX. This is the best there is. If you have not bought this yet, your really blowing it big time. The best money you ever will spend on FSX. Just get it!

      Charles Artis

      This program makes your flight sim shine. Literaly. A very good buy.

      Clement Wu

      This is the best addon for FSX. I highly recommend it as the first addon that every flight simmer purchases. It covers so many concepts and these are visible every time you fly.

      Johnny Rosario

      There is no way I would take screenshots, or make a video without REX. Excellent addon, specially with Overdrive. Fair price for all you get, can't be beat. Lots of combinations in textures to suit your taste and computer specs. If you have a good one, you can't go wrong with the high HD settings.

      C.W. Hardin

      My last review for REX 2 was unable to communicate the great effects this product produces. The newer version is even better!! I would not have thought they could improve it too much but I stand corrected. Coming from tornado alley in the states it is great to be able to ask for a thunderstorm and have multiple choices from around the world!! A plane with good visibility in a thunderstorm at night has to be seen to be fully appreciated. I haven't checked out everything it offers but so far I am really impressed and can't wait to see what they come up with next. Keep up the great work REX!!

      Craig Muncaster

      One word amazing. At xmas I bought silly over the top pc. Now running 3 screen eyefinity. So decided get FSX doing some research to make it look better heard a lot about REX found it here. Great quick service. Set it up made custom set up. Took off from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland in default FA/18 hornet in early morning sunrise. Everything set at max resolution set to 6028 x 1080 (for bezel correction). Result stunning before I even get to the sky the water looked like water but full afterburners on into cloud layer then breaking through to sunlight just stunning still got over 50 fps. This takes FSX to next level. MS might have stopped support but with add ons like this long live FSX!

      Patrick Smith

      What can you say about this masterpiece of software engineering! I was very happy with REX 2+Overdrive, but this has raised the bar on quality and excellence. The developers have made giant leaps forward in providing an immersive experience within FSX. Well done to Tim Fuchs and Co! Just to recap, simply excellent! If you were not an early buyer of REX 2.0, spend a few dollars and get this addon. I just wait with baited breath as to what the future of this software will hold. Mega thanks and awesome recognition to all involved! Shame the ratings only go to GOOD, and not EXCELLENT.

      Kai Prout

      Well I am going to keep this short, sweet, and simple. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST THING YOU COULD EVER DO TO YOUR FLIGHTSIM....

      Oleg Generalov


      Luke Collins

      By far the best add-on software for FSX. Well worth the money.

      Anthony Radford

      THE best software i have ever put into flight sim, buy it ,its fab the weather is amazing looks real ,if you have a bad day at work load this with a good sunset and relax

      Woon-kyung Seo

      I have purchased a number of graphics enhancements for FSX over the years, and most make an improvement. However, REX almost totally remakes FSX into something new. Seeing a realistic sky for the first time in all my years of flight simming blew me away. I have uninstalled XGraphics and now let REX do all of the special effects. The first thing I noticed was how nice it was to see the clouds reaching all of the way to the horizon instead of that stupid adjustable circle of clouds that surrounds your plane otherwise. There are also no more of those constant redraws of the clouds. I give REX 2 w/Overdrive 5 stars, 2 thumbs up and a laurel and hearty handshake (stole that from the movie Blazing Saddles).

      Christine Connor

      This add on is amazing and is certainly worth the money. REX 2.0 completely changes the way you look at FSX and has no effect on fps. A month after purchasing this product I wonder what I would do with out REX. This is definitely a must have for any flight Sim enthusiast whether your'e experienced or just a beginner and effectively changes Flight Simulator 10 into Flight Simulator 10.9!!!

      Jayson Ng

      Well worth the price. Now I get real overcast skies. My FSX visuals have really transformed.

      Ian Harrison

      I bought and installed the FS9 and FSX versions on the same day. Both sims now look absolutely, unbelievably good. The sky and water colours together with the textures installed by REX are just straight from the real world. Installation was effortless in both sims. FSX performance seems to be unaffected; no loss of FPS or major stutters. If you're thinking of REX; buy it. You won't look back.

      Andrew Myles

      All I have to say is WOW!.... go buy this. It will transform your sim flying forever.

      Cameron Nelson

      I bought REXv2 the day it came out I think. I run a very high end machine. I downloaded it, ran the installer, configured the correct paths (all default) ,set it to all HIGHEST settings, ran the back-up, restarted my machine for the heck of it, started the program, pressed "Fly Now", waited for it to load, (about 6 minutes) , and haven't stopped screenshoting ever since! AMAZING!! You better get an HD monitor and vidio card.

      Alaa Riad

      I have been seeing so many shots on the net for people publishing their REX work, was very impressed but hesitant, I finally had the guts to move on and purchase it, only two days back, was so excited, it took ages to download, and considerable time to install, had couple of program errors, then magic began, it is simply unbelievable and a really step ahead in graphics and capabilities, now you can design your world, to me it is like a dream come true. Note: you have to read the short manual before you start.

      Mike Culver

      Great Product!! No complaints. Very realistic weather and water.

      Pekka Kallasaari

      One of the best addons for FSX. Excellent frame rates and jaw dropping eye candy combined!

      Gregorio McKoy

      Sit back and enjoy!!! The graphics will blow your mind. It's like purchasing a new flight sim .. Mind you, you have to have a pretty good multi-quad core machine, but I found myself just aimlessly flying at all times of the day in awe. Wow! Great job developers... I can't wait for the SP2 release.

      Ryan Wong-Chung

      I bumped into this add on via it's an epic experience you can't miss. REX truly changes the FSX experience. Real time weather, high res clouds, gorgeous water effect(tropical reefs ), high altitude smoke effects(contrails), grass textures etc. sP1 is being released soon adding better visuals and some fixes. And the fs9 version is being released soon. rex fsx=A+

      Tristan Ridge

      This has to be the best FSX addon out there for clouds, wave animation, taxiway and runway textures! It is very user friendly and i have absolutely no idea how I flew without it!! 5 out of 5 defiantly!!

      Christopher Duncan

      REX has transformed my FSX experience. The incredible realism of the cloud formations and water effects has to be seen to believe. I thought Active Sky and Xgraphics were good until now. I particulary like the tropical "haze" effect towards the horizon when flying out of my old favourite location of St Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles. My FPS have actually improved with the 4096 cloud resolution and DXT5 setting recommended to start with. Read the manual carefully when installing and make sure to adjust the _Protocol_, _Address_, and _Port_ elements of the xml file with the same fields set in the SimConnect.cfg file. In 25 years of flight simming REX is probably the best add on I have purchased.

      Chip Mills

      There are two things that I have purchased to date that have truly exponentialy increased the emersion of Microsofts Flight Simulator the first is the trackIR, and the second is Real Environment Xtreme. This is the best software add on for FSX. Absolutely worth every penny of the price.

      Simon Schrooder

      A must have for every serious computer pilot. The most fun I have ever had with FSX is with this add-on.

      Michael Brehmer

      I like REX, because it's the first addon, witch shows clouds as in nature. It's beautiful to fly in the sky with all the clouds and the sun reflecting seawater under.

      Bin Xi

      This is one of the most worthy addon I'v ever bought. galaxy of options. chose your own theme and even adjust the hue of those colorful textures. the shallow water looks like real when I compare real world video. and Frame rate friendly. it will be a landmark of FS afer some bugs are resolved.

      Anuwat Lehmann

      REX is wonderful for adding more beauty to FSX (Especially using with REX Soft Cloud). But the weather engine can't even compare to Active Sky Next. The interface is also easy to use. However for the price I spend, I think it's worth to own this product anyway.

      Ryan Sutton

      This is a great addition to FSX. I definitely recommend it.

      Jordan Pickus

      Honestly, Makes things so much more realistic. I haven't figured out everything about this product yet but it is worth it so far. You can create random weather scenarios at any airport your currently at. Makes for a cool realistic flying experience.

      Fernando Gutierrez

      Excellent application. Very accurate real time weather injection. I am using ForeFight connected with FSX. The real weather reported by ForeFlight match by 95% FXS injected weather. Some minor issues when updating weather for couple seconds, wind aloft direction change, causing to overspeed, if you are pushing close to speed limit. And the, must buy.

      David Zabel

      This product adds so much realism to the weather that you won't know how you flew without it. Great product and definitely a must have for any simmer.

      Richard Gallatin

      This addon is a MUST for those looking to add realism to their flights! The weather is vastly more accurate than what FSX can provide anymore and the changes in the weather are much smoother, I no longer go from completely overcast to cloudless skies, there is a transition. The ground textures have been upgraded too, the trees, hills, mountains and terrain all look more realistic. I did NOT see a FPS drop after installing this.

      Dmytro Ivanov

      This product is simply a must have, the interface is very user friendly, I don't know how I flew without it.

      finn mccaffrey

      Great so realistic a must buy!

      edmond kelley

      I purchased this product and it is great. It makes FSX As Real As it Get's, and more. It worth the price.

      Ryan Kurtz

      I really enjoy this software! It took a little getting use to with programming everything in with textures to my liking, but once that was all configured I realized I will never go back to anything stock from FSX. Do prepared to wait a little while when you turn on REX, it takes a while to load, and the installation times for change of textures can take a while as well. So make sure you really like your texture configurations before you install them in to your FSX folder which REX makes very easy to do. Overall, the graphics are astoundingly beautiful, the sunsets and sunrises are just like the real thing, skies are crisp clean, clouds are detailed, and I can't wait to find new things within it in the future.

      Stephanus Olivier

      There are so many different settings that you can play around with. I am sure that this software will make every user of it very happy with the end results, that he/she has created. After you have selected what you want to do, and has created the necessary configuration available get in your a/c, taxi out and get airborne, you will enjoy every minute of it. Read the MANUAL when in doubt, and don't blame the creators of the software.

      Donovan Warren

      This product adds the extra realism that hard core simmers demand. I couldn't believe how real the clouds and sky textures looked, as well as the runways and water textures. It's a very nice addition to the flight simulator and easy to create your own environment.

      eric bensinger

      It is just amazing. First it was easy to install and setup to the settings you want. Second is that if you make FSX videos or just fly for fun, it makes it much more realistic. Last is that it doesn't have that much of a FPS drop (maybe 2 to 5 FPS drop). Great Add on!

      Vedad Mujanovic

      An awesome addon that completely changes FSX.Changes were really easy to notice and its easy for use. I recommend it to all customers.

      Raymer Rentschler

      Excellent product, this will change FSX completly.

      Brandon James

      I love it! I got it by download and have a backup on the way. I must say its made this sim look like you are flying around in real life. It's a must have! I did the download on my WiFi hotspot as I don't have high speed. I started it at 4:30AM and it got done at around 9:30PM. That was at 145kb's.. so that was why I had to wait so long. It was on my end not the server as I said it was only a WiFi hotspot that's on a 3G network. I would get it on CD just so if the download did not work you get it in the mail. If you are into FSX you need this!! GET IT!!

      Grant Savage

      This is a must have add-on for any flight simulator enthusiast. I highly recommend getting the CD's though as the download would not work for me. Back to REX. The replacement cloud, sky, water, and airport environment textures truly enhance the realism of flight simulation. REX also has an incredible well programmed weather engine that makes weather transitions silky smooth. The number of options that REX offers is outstanding. There are thousands of options to choose from. In short, REX is a must have for any FSX user looking to buy their first payware add-on.

      Tyler Sass

      Absolutely the Best addon you coud ever get for FSX. REX completely transforms FSX and makes it look like it's not 4 years old. You shouldn't notice any performance issues as long as you us the same textures resolutions as you were using on default FSX. The HD clouds ad so much. I do recomend that you get the hard disk unless you have a good WiFi connection.

      Tony Ngu

      A must have along with FSX. Clouds and Textures are amazing!!! I know installing or downloading can be a pain but it is worth every minute and every penny!!!

      Alessandro Tognaccini

      Just buy it! You wont regret a dollar spent! Its just incredible how much it enhances the Flight Sim experience. The sunrise and sundown sky textures are just gorgeous and that enhanced virtual sun feels like it can blind someone if they look at it too much. PMDG has these widow shades that pull over the glass, and to be honest I have to use them when flying in the direction of the sunrise to reduce the intensity. GET IT GET IT GET IT!!!!!

      omar corda

      It is my favorite addon for my FSX before and now for Prepar3D. Only awesome... my youtube videos use only REX environment ;) Best product and best support team. Thanks, MrJ

      Romchic Guga

      Say the best ever tasted (veru much so). Hadn't even the slightest trouble with weather engine (posted above came in misunderstanding). Surely is the preferable from anything of that type. I gave my five cause not that I can think of other engines would really make sense.

      alfatih saeed

      REX is a must have,it will enhance your simulator in an amazing way. go ahead BUY it now

      John Hundley

      It changes the entire look of FSX! The way the sun reacts to the cockpit blows the default FSX lighting away, as does the way it allows you to adjust your aircraft exterior lighting, sun, water, cloud, rain, lightning, runway textures, tarmac textures, cloud textures, etc., etc., etc. I thought I was excited to fly when I added my latest payware aircraft, but now I can't wait to get home and fly due to how realistic my world looks now thanks to REX! All in All, it's a must have if you want to see real world environments while you fly!


We have coded with the idea of four dimensions rather then two, adding our newly-invented technology called "Weather Cubed".

Weather Cubed looks at all areas surrounding the aircraft and is now handled internally with the use of the weather data platform we have in place. Since most of the processes run outside of the simulator, we are able to compute complex math processes in order to help the weather engine apply as much realism as possible.

Included are the synoptic and micro weather station processes, allowing for trans-oceanic flights utilizing real weather.

Now integrated are real winds and temperatures aloft provided by balloon data. We allow you to not just configure the winds, visibility, and clouds, we also allow you to balance the injection process of the weather. We found that one can get better frame rates by controlling how the weather is injected over time. In other words, we allow you to adjust how each weather station is loaded over a period of time.


Interpolation Process

Metar stations that report weather data today do not reflect the number of weather stations within the simulator. Many of the stations in the simulator do not report weather in real life. However, we wanted to be sure all stations in FSX/P3D have weather to report. We populated the REX database with all of the weather stations from FSX/P3D, then take real weather data and bump it up against that database. Those that match, real weather data is used. Those that don't have weather, we look to the closest neighbor to get the closest possible match.


You now have the ability to set the range of stations to interpolate weather data. This gives FSX/P3D a more rich and smooth flight experience.


We have partnered with FlightAware!

With FlightAware incorporated into REX, you can search for real-world, real-time IFR flights scheduled at a single airport or between routes between two airports. You are provided details about the flight and then able to import the flight plan into FSX/P3D via REX. If you decide to fly a real-time, real-world route, REX will provide current flight notifications via the weather engine while in-flight. REX Essential offers the most realistic experience possible with real-world, real-time flight plans from most major airlines and countries across the world.



Share Your Flight Plan. With our new Flight Center, we offer complete realism as well as the community aspect.

Imagine, you just flown a really interesting flight plan you created through REX, a third-party flight planner, FlightAware, or even FSX/P3D and now you'd like to share it with others or save it for later use. With our new REX EDGE Technology we provide the ability to share your flight plans with other REX users around the world.

With OVER 15,400 custom textures, your flight environment will never be the same!

REX Includes over 20GB of high-definition textures! Low to high-end computer system options available. Easily assemble your own texture variations. Clouds that look like real clouds, sky shades correctly based upon polution and particulate matter, and water that truly reflects hues given it from light and particulates.

With the new weather-influenced process, you will experience conditions closer to what is actually happening in the real-world. This process will give you a wider range of variety utilizing all textures.


REX EDGE Technology is REX Simulations' version of its own "CLOUD" Technology.

REX EDGE Technology is an array of dedicated servers that have been setup to handle the transfer of large amounts of data to be utilized not only within REX Essential PLUS, but in all future projects. This technology has allowed us to expand the connectivity of REX Essential PLUS. All REX users are now connected in various ways to each other, thus allowing them to share their creations with other folks around the world who are using REX Essential PLUS.


With REX EDGE you now have the ability to share your texture themes with the REX Community.



REX EDGE brings together a mass repository of weather data.

Every 10 minutes we are downloading and storing the latest weather information from NOAA and VATSIM. We just recently implemented the storing and archiving of real upper-level wind and temperature data from world's radiosonde reports. This is extremely exciting to us in that instead of providing a forecast we are now the only one providing accurate real-time winds aloft data. We have found that this data has significantly reduced the quick changes in winds shifts aloft. Though we are still bound by the limits of FSX technology, this still brings a realism not found before in the flight sim community.


NEW Environment Sounds!

REX Essential Plus now includes true environment and weather-related audio. We went through great lengths to maintain a certain 'sound' through a meticulous mastering process.

Listen now

Download Center!

A new method in which REX Simulations can pass along new and updated material to our customers. The process of installing or reinstalling new material is all handled within the back-end. Think of the download center as a marketplace for new things to add life to FSX/P3D. With the simple click of a button the original material within FSX or Prepar3D is backed up and the new material is installed. If you ever need to re-install the new material, revisit the item you wish to install and simply click INSTALL again.


Options! Take control.

The Options Manager allows you to select which options are installed into FSX/P3D. The optimization area controls the resolution and algorithm of textures installed, and an overall system performance section allowing the program to decide which settings are best suitable depending on the capabilities of your computer system.



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