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frequently asked questions

Common questions about REX

Contact REX Simulations if you've got more questions and we'll do our best to answer. If you require technical support with a product, please use our support forum located here.

  • How can I receive support for a product that I purchased?

    The developers at REX Simulations pride themselves on top forum support. Our support forum is located here. To receive customer support and gain full access to the support forums, you must become a verified member. To become verified, it is required to first create an account, then post your REX order number and where you purchased REX into the following thread.

    Please note that the verification process is NOT automated, and it may take up to 24 hours to complete your verification request. You will not receive support until you are a verified member of our support forum.

  • Can I receive customer support via phone?

    We typically do not answer support inquiries via phone, however situations arise when a member of our support staff will direct you to a one-on-one session either via voice or TeamViewer meeting. These type of meetings are generally initiated via our support forum if a member of our team requires access to your computer.

  • How can I obtain the latest version of my REX software?

    To obtain the latest REX software version(s), simply log-in to your account at the store where you originally purchased REX and re-download the software. If you have questions concerning your software version, feel free to ask on our support forum at All of our REX4 software titles have an automatic 'check for update' feature built-in to the application. Please reference your REX user manual.

  • How do I receive a refund on a REX purchase?

    All REX downloadable software have a NO-RETURN policy attached. However, we do understand at times there are special circumstances involved, so please feel free to contact us at

  • Do I need a commercial license?

    Any party or organization seeking to use REX products under license for commercial use should contact us at

  • What is the difference between REX3 and REX4?

    REX Essential PLUS (REX3) and REX Essential PLUS Overdrive (Released 2010) is a full encompassing program that includes textures from the original release of REX 1 and 2 (some additional fixes) as well as updated versions of a Flight Planner and two Weather Engines.

    The REX4 product line is comprised of multiple individual applications that cover a broad spectrum of environmental enhancement tools and effects.

    REX4 Texture Direct and REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds (Released 2015) is our most advanced environmental texture, effects and sound replacement tool. All textures, effects, and sounds are completely brand new and optimized for the latest updates to FSX and P3D from what was released originally within REX3. This product does not include any weather engine.

    REX 4 Weather Architect (Released 2015) is our first weather engine that give users full control to “CREATE” weather. This easy to use tool allows you the capability to draw the most common kinds of weather from fog, rain, snow, and thunderstorms anywhere in the world – including in the middle of the oceans. With 3 different mapping levels a user can create local weather phenomena such as fog banks, to large weather systems that span thousands of miles. Later updates will incorporate our new EnvironmentFORCE API.

    REX 4 Weather Force (In Development) is our real-time and archive data weather engine. Weather Force will include a state-of-the-art mapping system that includes all the weather data necessary to avoid bad weather. Weather Force will include our next generation technology called Environment Force which makes the weather systems and surrounding environment within FSX or P3D come alive instead of being static.

    REX 4 Environment Force (In Development) is our most advanced tool that allows you the ability to custom modify your environment while in-flight! Utilizing our new Environment FORCE API, this gives you incredible power to create environments never experienced before. These environments can be saved for later recall and sharing capability with other users in our vast REX community of users.

    WX Advantage Radar (In Testing) is our revolutionary true weather radar gauge that has been developed in partnership with MILVIZ. This weather radar is the first weather radar that accurately represents the weather conditions within FSX and P3D. This radar is the first to read cloud position and precipitation shafts. This gauge will be available in a 2D and 3D gauge model to all customers and free to 3rd-party aircraft developers to incorporate into their aircraft.

    REX4 will also include additional tools which will be announced at a later time. Both REX3 and REX4 are compatible with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X, Steam Edition, and Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v1 and v2.

  • How come my experience doesn't look like your screenshots on the website?

    All of us here at REX enjoy and use flightsim each day, including our own beta team. We are all finding new wasys of improving the in-flight experience, which includes the use of special tools freely available to the public. Some of these tools include processing effects add-ons such as ENB, SweetFX and FSWC (flight-sim water configurator). All of our screenshots are utilizing a variety of these tools (including REX of course). You do not have to go far to see what folks such as yourself are coming up with for screenshots. We have a dedictated area on our community support forum!

  • How do I become a member of your beta team?

    To become part of our extensive beta team network, simply email us at We cannot guarantee each person who contacts us will secure a position, however this is the real world, and beta members come and go. We welcome your involvement and look forward to hearing from you.

  • I am a 3rd-party developer, how would I partner with REX Simulations?

    We at REX Simulations have a complete respect for those who have brought their ideas to fruition for our community. We feel it is extremely important to build close relationships. Thus, we have developed an aggressive partnership program to help promote our partners. For more information, feel free to contact us at:

  • Which flight simulator platforms is REX software compatible with?

    REX Simulations develops products for FSX, FSX:Steam Edition, FS9, Prepar3D and X-Plane 9.

  • I have a feature request for REX, how can I contact the developers?

    You can contact us at Alternatively, you may leave a suggestion within the dedicated area of our support forum here.

  • Do you sell or offer other 3rd-party software on the REX Store?

    At this time we only sell REX products on our store.

  • What happened to REX Game Studios? What is REX Simulations?

    REX Game Studios still exists, and now contains two divisions. REX Simulations focuses on the support and development of all environmental tools developed for consumer and commercial simulations on the market. REX Game Studios focuses on the future development of full scale simulations geared to bringing a new realism and seriousness that has been long forgotten in the industry.