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Weather engine, textures and flight planner... all-in-one! REX OverDrive for FS9 consists of everything REX for FS9 offers, INCLUDING an ADDITIONAL 1GB of HD quality textures.

On top of the already 14,000+ textures included within REX for FS9, enjoy an additional 256 cirrus and 192 3D cumulus and stratus cloud formations, 2 sets of asphalt runways, 1 set concrete runways, 9 sets asphalt taxiways, 9 sets of concrete taxiways, 1 set of a snowy runway, 6 sets of dawn sky colors, 19 sets of day sky colors, 8 sets of dusk sky colors, and 4 sets of wave animations & water sets All in HD quality and user-scalable!

Real Environment Xtreme has become the benchmark utility for the discerned flight simulator pilot. Version 2 of REX offers a wealth of new features and advances in technology ranging from our state-of-the-art weather engine to textural enhancements. REX allows you to control environment, water and airport textures, as well as lighting effects that are so critical to the enjoyment and immersion within the flight simulator experience. All of these features may be fully manipulated to your individual tastes.

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    • Industrial strength weather engine.
    • Random weather generator.
    • Hi-definition, ultra-realistic 3D clouds and realistic rendering of cirrus clouds as seen in the real world.
    • Sky color environments, including smoothing horizon transition & visibility smoothing for dawn, day, dusk & night textures.
    • Convincingly real water environments with tropical reef simulation (end user color controllable, including tropical with reef simulations, inland and ocean, wave turbulence/frequency, environment variants & coloring.
    • Airport environments (photo-real asphalt & concrete runway textures, new runway and ground bump-mapping, asphalt taxiways, concrete taxiways, realistic taxiway markings, airport signage, airport parking and general photorealistic airport ground scenery).
    • Multiple variations of sun, lens flare & lightning bolt algorithms, which creates a visually stunning array of lightning situations.
    • Fully integrated to select sky, cloud, water, airport, and effect themes based upon weather situation, season, and other synoptic, mesoscale, and micro weather conditions.
    • Enhanced Cloud Simulation to give a more 3D volumetric feel to cloud structures and the atmosphere.
    • Lighting environments (runway lighting including simulated ground glow, stunningly realistic aircraft spotlights with variations for small to large aircraft, aircraft strobe lights, variations for add-on aircraft as well).
    • 3d cloud & water resolution options for performance preference.
    • Flexibility to work in tandem with other vendor weather & texture packages.
    • User-friendly intuitive and visually pleasing interface.
    • Cloud textures including cumulus, cumulo congestus, cumulonimbus, nimbo stratus, strato cumulus, cirro Cumulus, alto cumulus, cirro stratus, wispy cirrus.
    • Sky textures including daytime, dawn, dusk and night.
    • Create your own inland blue and inland brown water variations, as well as ocean and tropical water coral textures.
    • Ocean and inland 3D wave animation rendering, ranging from calm to stormy seas.
    • Sun and lighting technology including sun, flares, lightning, landing lights, aircraft strobe lights and runwaylighting.
      Andy Yiu

      Fine product for a fine price. REX for FS2004 may potentially change your flightsimming experience forever. As one who has been continually tweaking FS2004 since the early days when it first came out, and trying to get the old classic sim to be as close as possible to a real-life flight experience, REX certainly came as a welcoming surprise and have taken my FS2004 to new levels. This package comes bundled with loads of textures that the user can customize to his or her heart's desire. It comes with new sky colors, water textures and waves, airport environments such as taxiways and runways, runway lights and strobe lights, and perhaps most dazzling of all, high-definition clouds. In addition to textures, this package also comes bundled with its own weather engine and flight planner. Furthermore, the developers are still improving this product, so there should be more to come in the future. So, if you are like me who have stuck with FS2004 after all these years, I would highly recommend this product for enthusiasts who are interested in improving the visual quality of their sim. Being once a pilot who have flown in the skies in real life, I would say that this product definitely deserves its title of "real environment," for it certainly brings back the breathtaking feel of the environment several thousands of feet in the air.

      Tristan Ridge

      This has to be the best addon our there for clouds, water, taxiway and runway textures! Very user-friendly..

      John Godfrey

      Like everyone else has said, just stop thinking of getting this and get it already, they are still supporting it, and it really transforms FS9 into FSX almost, amazing attention to detail, I wish all payware addons were like this!"

      Thomas Emms

      Fantastic product! One of the best flight simulator addons out there, Adds a whole new dimension to FS2004 and the realism improves alot! I truly reccomend this product to anybody! Overall 5/5."

      John Colohan

      Firstly I want to say I do not normally write reviews about anything,because I am a cranky git....But having just installed REX into my Flight Sim I am really really happy and smiling broadly...It is like having a new sim,after the disappointment of not being able to run FSX (due to my computer specs) REX makes up for this more than enough...Buy it! it transforms a dull sim into a "As Real As It Gets" for sure..."

      David Jule

      This addon is a definate buy. With this and a good texture pack for your ground, you could have the perfect flight sim. No frame loss unless you have a lot of clouds. dont think twice about this one.

      chase coffman

      This product is without a doubt worth purchasing!

      Richard Todd

      Having had time recently to do some flying around the USA, especially as it is now winter, my FS has been truly transformed. Even at ground level at the airport the winter haze gives a brilliant realistic feeling. When up several thousand feet the cloud formations and realism are beyond anything I used before. Previously I could see repeat cloud patterns with other programmes, whereas with REX every cloud looks completely different. This has now brought a huge smile to my face every time I fly!


The FS2004 Intelligent Synoptic Weather Processor.

The Intelligent Synoptic Weather Processor (ISWP) is a completely re-defined process that takes weather processes to a new level of detail. Included are the same features in relation to configuring synopic, meso, and micro weather features, but the ISWP interacts and allows the user more flexibility in setting visibility smoothing features as well as weather update smoothing features.

The ISWP is further expanded within our random weather generator.

Thus, if the weather is boring where you live or normally fly you can have the ISWP create a unique weather theme that covers all seasons and various level of severity at the click of a button. The ISWP looks at over 20 different weather data elements to determine the best weather conditions and influence within the Flight Simulator environment.


The ISWP influences all textures, giving Flight Simulator an even more realistic look and feel.

Taking ideas from real life flight planners, we have integrated the flight planning tools along with our ISWP platform to give the user a greater flexibility to dodge severe storms that might be in your path. With the ISWP, the weather conditions are more true to life, giving you control over weather influence ranges and maximum visibility smoothing features not only horizontally, but also vertically. Thus, while looking at the 20 different weather elements we can give the user a greater detailed view of the weather before you fly.



REX provides a robust flight planner that works hand-in-hand with the weather engine.

REX creates an actual flight plan that is useable within Flight Simulator. Within the REX flight planner you have the ability to the following create a flight plan. You can enter departure and destination points and let REX create basic waypoints. You can then fully modify the waypoints or add new ones. You can save and create your flight plan that works in both FS9 AND FSX. In REX you can load a flight plan created in FS9 or FSX. You can then modify it or just view it withing the new flight planner.



Textures derived from photographs captured by a professional photographer/pilot.

All photographs were correctly "matched" for lighting & weather situations and put through a process known as Digital Laser Drum Scanning using a high-resolution drum scanner. Photos were mounted behind oil onto a drum cylinder and scanned at a resolution of 16,000px. The film density crucial for clarity and sharpness.

The WASys - tools that allow viewing your weather!

You might see on the radar a line of precipitation, but with the WASys tool you can see into the heart of the line of precipitation.

With the WASys system you will be able to look at the weather surrounding your aircraft as you fly. Or if you want to look at your destination or alternate airport weather, you can in a flash. With the WASys you are able to get a graphical view of the weather. That way you can see what you are about to fly into. You can view precipitation levels, wind and wind shear conditions, turbulence, icing and possible areas of hail, and lightning detection. With the WASys you can also view areas that are forecasted to have severe turbulence and convective activity.


Options! Take control.

The Options Manager allows you to select which options are installed into FS9 (FS2004). The optimization area controls the resolution and algorithm of textures installed, and an overall system performance section allowing the program to decide which settings are best suitable depending on the capabilities of your computer system.



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