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REX Worldwide airport free enhanced add-on airport Packs

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REX Worldwide Airport HD FREE Enhanced Add-On Airport Packs

These add-on Airport Packs are FREE to all REX Worldwide Airport customers! KSLC just released. Update now through the application or download here.

There are a number of airports within the simulator that were originally developed containing custom terminal graphics. Although these airports will now globally benefit from REX Worldwide Airports HD, some terminal textures will not be affected. We are re-developing these airports with proper detail and customized textures throughout, and as they become available we will update this area.

You must own a copy of REX Worldwide Airports HD in order to install and take advanage of these FREE airport packs.

KSLC - Salt Lake City International

Salt Lake City International Airport is located five miles northwest of downtown Salt Lake City. The airfield consists of three air carrier runways and a general aviation runway. Runway 16L/34R is 12,003 feet long, runway 16R/34L is 12,000 feet long, runway 17/35 is 9,596 feet long and runway 14/32 is 4,900 feet long.

update december 19, 2016: RELEASED!
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KDCA - Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

The airport is located in Virginia. Federal law and Virginia Code both state the airport is "situated within the Commonwealth of Virginia". The airfield contains 3 runways. In 2012, the runway was resurfaced and extended to increase the runway safety area. The other two runways are Runway 15/33 at 5,204 feet, and Runway 4/22 at 4,911 feet.

update december 4, 2016: in development

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