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"Sometimes we know it simply from the moment we experience it, this moment in which we just know there will be days, if not weeks until the grin on your face disappears. That's when you've done something right. This feeling I had with REX."  - Sales Wick, FlusiForum

REX Simulations is a 21-time award-winning global leader in environment simulation software with connections to consumers, businesses, commercial enterprises and institutions worldwide.

We are grateful to the publications, organizations and individuals who have honored REX with awards & accolades. As future development proceeds, we will strive to re-earn these awards every day!

REX Sky Force 3D - PC Pilot

"REX has a habit of reinventing one's flight sim experience and with Sky Force 3D they’ve once again pushed the boundaries to the limit."
– Jessica Bannister-Pearce, PC Pilot Magazine

Aerosoft Sim News - Commercial FSX/Prepar3D Utility Review

"To be popular in FSX means: functionality, capable of adaptation, forum support based on respect, innovation and constant evolution. This is what makes REX Essential Plus Overdrive the best among the greatest add ons in FSX."

Mutley's Hangar - End of Year Awards

Creme De La Creme (Best add-on of the year) AWARD, I Can't Live Without This AWARD and Sim Changer AWARD!

Real Environment Xtreme OverDrive for FSX Wins The 2011 Readers Choice Award for Commercial Utilities!

Thanks to the ENTIRE flight simulation community for your support of our products! Winning this award would not have been possible without you, and we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
- Tim Fuchs, REX Game Studios

Peter Stark - PC Pilot

"There is no doubt REX Essential is one very powerful product that can raise FSX/P3D to another level. It is also a fact that while the interfaces allow users to select textures, flight plans etc with relative ease, your experience gets better with time as you learn to more fully appreciate the features built into the product. You will not fly without it! It is innovative, powerful and certainly elevates the immersion in flight simulation, and so makes a worthy PC Pilot Platinum Award winner."

Philip Wilson - AVSIM

"Sometimes you just know. Walk up to a BMW M5 or similar class vehicle and you feel it before you even touch the door. Before I drove the car, I knew the designers did it right. Then as you slide into the driver's seat, that tingling sensation runs down your spine. You just know it will take months to wipe the smile off your face. There are currently no other environmental products on the market which even come close to the level of quality and professionalism REX brings."

REX Wins The Coveted 2011 AVSIM Bravo Zulu Award!

We are truly honored by the 2011 Bravo Zulu Award given to us by AVSIM for best flight simulation utility! Thanks to AVSIM, our Beta Team, and the flight simulation community for your support! -
Tim Fuchs, REX Game Studios

Martin Wilby - Mutley's Hangar

"According to the developer REX is not just technically advanced but artistically advanced too. You know what, I believe them! At times I found the multitude of chromatic renditions to be quite beautiful and the clouds very impressive. It brings quite a smile to your face when you materialize at your chosen location, ready to fly, and after waiting a few minutes for the REX weather engine to do its thing, you find yourself confronted by rain, wind, and skies like you've never seen in FSX before."

Aaron Graham - AVSIM

"Sometimes when you see something, you know it will be great before you use it, and that is the feeling I had when I purchased REX! I am stunned by this product. It is a marvelous piece of programming that many graphical packages should aspire to. I feel it is the benchmark for which all graphics packages for FSX should be judged by. With REX Essentials on the radar things are only going to get better, and it will be a free upgrade to REX 2 costumers. The only phrases I can use to describe this product are suburb, amazing and out of this world."

Daniel Martinez - AVSIM

"I have been flight simming for a great many years now and my interest has come and gone during that time. This past year saw me in one of those lull periods where my enthusiasm has been low. REX+ has reenergized my love for the sim. There is freshness and realism that the program brings that has allowed me to not only enjoy FSX but many of my previous add-ons, too. REX Game Studios has brought it and again earned the coveted Avsim Gold Star Award."

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