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REX SimAir is a new revolutionary concept for FSX, FSX:Steam, Prepar3D and FS2004. It brings the reality of massive multi-player online simulation to Flight Simulator.

You will feel like a true pilot with REX SIMAIR.

    • Compete against other users in a massive multi-player experience.
    • Run your SIM CARRIER as a single-user or as a team.
    • Compete as an international / domestic / regional carrier or push others out to dominate as a local bush pilot.
    • Purchase aircraft, compete for gates, pursue virtual passengers, or hire virtual or real SIM PILOTS to fly your routes.
    • Face challenges and make decisions that actual carriers experience in the real world.
    • Get hired by an actual person to fly routes for their SIM CARRIER.
    • Log flight hours and earn respect with other SIM CARRIERS.
    • Experience real-life delays when preparing for your flight, which will affect your earnings depending on the decisions you make.
    • More information to come...

The Sim Carrier concept.

SIM CARRIER allows you to create your own virtual air-carrier for passengers and/or cargo. As a SIM CARRIER, you compete against actual players for pilots, virtual passengers or businesses for cargo. You can manage everything: hubs, routes, aircraft purchases and maintenance, employees, hiring and firing actual pilots, setting ticket prices, airport fees, etc. For a more realistic experience, we have created a unique SIM WORLD engine that will keep your executive skills on the go. As time passes, the SIM WORLD engine will provide unique real-world situations and challenges, just like an actual carrier would face. In SIM CARRIER you will be able to attract virtual passengers by competing against other air-carriers of your type.


The Sim Pilot concept.

SIM PILOT allows you to create your own pilot profile to fly for another SIM CARRIER. You can bid for various routes to fly and receive SIM DOLLARS to advance your career. As a SIM PILOT you will select and fly various routes while your performance is tracked. With SIM PILOT you may find yourself ready to pushback when ATC advises you of a delay due to bad weather. Or you may receive a call mid-flight from a flight attendant that an unruly passenger is aboard. SIM PILOT simulates fueling, baggage loading, passenger loading and various other real-life procedures.


Virtual Airlines.

With REX SIMAIR it is our attempt to bring both the virtual airlines and the community on one single platform, as well as expose this niche to a larger market beyond just the Flight Sim Community. We see all virtual airlines as being important to the success of this product in that we believe they can provide the knowledge to shape this product so that platform can meet the needs of both the causal and serious flyer. Some of the most successful multiplayer games include a virtual world. We want to create this virtual world through REX SIMAIR. We believe the virtual airlines can assist in accomplishing this goal.


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