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August 25, 2017 - The Enhanced Edition of Texture Direct with Soft Clouds is NOW AVAILABLE!
REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition is a NEW integrated global environment texture utility and effects add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, FSX:Steam, Prepar3D Versions 1, 2, 3 and 4 and is fully DX9, DX10 and DX11 compliant!

Tailored to low AND high-end systems, REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition Bundle is comprised of over 17GB of material ranging from standard resolution to high-definition choices.

REX Texture Direct Enhanced Edition takes advantage of the core features of the flight simulator and enhancing them to a new level. Compiled from years of feedback from current REX users, all facets of the program include desired features, effects, sounds and textures. With REX Soft Clouds, you will truly experience volumetric haze and fog as never before seen within a flight simulator environment. You may easily switch between simulator preference (FSX, FSX-Steam Edition, Prepar3D versions 1, 2, 3 and 4) and is fully network capable.

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  • Texture Direct FEATURES
    • The NEW Enhanced Version contains 2GB of additional goodies!
    • 64bit-compliant for use with Prepar3D v.4.
    • Backend coding set to take advantage of our upcoming release of Sky Force 3D.
    • PTA presets built for each sky texture set (Downloadable via our website or forum when released).
    • All NEW textures... over 16,000 files! (17 GB).
    • Intellectually Synced Texture Engine works hand-in-hand with REX4 Weather Direct and REX4 Weather Architect.
    • Enhanced algorithms.
    • Lightning fast texture installation (Installing textures into the simulator is lightning fast; in most instances this process takes less than 5 seconds to load a full suite of replacement textures!)
    • Network capable.
    • Ability to select and install textures individually and/or create custom 'themes' to install a full suite of textures instantly.
    • Rating system for shared themes.
    • Ability for users to select weather scenarios or enter airport code to have texture themes generated based upon weather conditions.
    • Ability to auto start simulator after texture injection.
    • New unique types of cloud base structures.
    • Low/Mid-level 3D clouds, including Stratus, Cumulonimbus, Cumulus, Stratocumulus, Altostratus and Altocumulus.
    • High-level clouds, including Cirrus, Cirrostratus and Cirrocumulus.
    • 14 types of lightning: IC, CC and CG.
    • Worldwide tropical water classification fix, eliminating most of the repetitive texture tiling effect. Water boundaries blend much more realistically.
    • Water textures and wave animations compliant with DX9, DX10 and DX11.
    • Ultra-realistic airport environments made from custom, high-definition aerial photography.
    • Give ALL default airports in FSX and Prepar3D the payware-style treatment, from light to heavy use runways, taxiways and pavement markings! Highly detailed textures, including runway textured lighting encasements. Originating from HD source photography, runway tire markings are properly scaled within the simulator creating a more realistic viewpoint. Runways with light or heavy wear... your choice, over 32 to choose from, the highest definition textures with the most fidelity on the market.
    • The tire marking build-up is fascinating when using the heavy use runway option. Many types of runway grooving and material selection.
    • Runway lighting encasement textures added to runways to give more depth and a more properly scaled feel.
    • FINALLY, dirty and soiled runway markings at all airport runways worldwide! No more blown out white marks interfering with your immersion.
    • Runway markings now support larger aircraft such as the Boeing 777.
    • 28 amazingly detailed taxiways developed from all types of concrete, asphalt and bitumen.
    • Runway and taxiway detailed planar bump-map effects.
    • Spectacular terrain bump-mapping effects, modeled from different materials. Support for ORBX airports.
    • High-definition taxiway markings with extreme clarity.
    • Beautiful photo-realistic skies sampled from many locations around the world. HDR texture option included for Prepar3D!
    • Properly balanced terrain light and shadow values during dawn and dusk.
    • Smoother transitional algorithms during dawn and dusk times.
    • Realistic corresponding haze layer values when encountering the proper WX.
    • 23 types of runway edge and taxiway lighting, some with simulated ground glow.
    • Extremely detailed and enhanced ground rain effect.
    • Realistic dirty airport parking and jetway marks.
    • Easy to read, enhanced airport signage. Different lighting conditions dictate the range of colors from yellow to orange and red to amber. A wonderful shiny finish with matte black backings.
    • Sun, corona, glow, flares and special effects, giving the most realistic renditions of atmospheric conditions. Panning around your aircraft at different angles during beginning or end of day will yield just how dynamic these effects can be. Rendered for DX9, DX10 and DX11!
    • With REX leading the way in water rendering, the new tech built into REX Texture Direct Enhanced Edition will leave you speechless. Rendered for DX9, DX10 and DX11.
    • Environment sound effects. Jaw-dropping in/out cockpit precipitation and thunder sounds.
  • Soft Clouds FEATURES
    • 512 cloud textures, compiled into 16 full sets
    • A large, easy to read user-interface
    • Lightning-fast texture installation
    • Ability to auto-start simulator after texture injection
    • Network capable
    • Unique types of cloud base structures
    • Low/Mid-level 3D clouds, including Stratus, Cumulonimbus, Cumulus, Stratocumulus, Altostratus and Altocumulus
    • REX Soft Clouds takes advantage of the new DX11 technology as seen in Prepar3D versions 2 and 3, as well as providing for DX9, DX10 and DX11.
    • Built-in check for updates feature
    • Easily switch between simulator preference (FSX, FSX-Steam Edition, Prepar3D version 1, 2, 3 and 4)
    • HDR option included for Prepar3D!
    • There are texture options for 32bit and DXT5 (for low-end systems)
      David Walton

      This is an absolutely must have addon for FSX, I use the FSX Steam Edition and it works great with it! REX is a very good company who really put the time and effort into giving us a very well done product.

      David Papis

      Installation was smooth, I followed all instructions as REX posted in the Install Guide. The textures are great, FSX runs smooth and looks awesome. I have also REX Essentials +OD and the new Direct Texture is even better, hard to believe. The time to load theme was around 2 seconds so I did not even believe and thought it crashed or something, but it did load. BTW it does not replace Essentials but simply co-exist with it so you can really use either one, your choice of preference. Bottom line the best textures from REX so far and probably the best textures available period.

      Jerrod Corey

      If you do not have this, you are seriously missing out. This makes the game 10 times better than normal. AWESOME. The best add-on there is for FSX. This is a game changer. The texture sets are truly amazing and up to 4096x4096 High Definition. Don't think, buy it now. Worth every penny. It also has a very simple and user-friendly interface.

      Mark Carey

      Awesome, the sky & clouds look so real!"

      Liam Bailey

      "Terrific. A must have. It's amazing! My fps are great! 40+ with an MSI 7870 and an AMD Processor @ 4.2. I love it!"

      Anthony Neave

      I'm really impressed by the beautiful simplicity of the menu. The textures load uber fast from a Solid State Drive (SSD) (like 2 seconds!) and they look and run better than ever. I thoroughly recommend REX 4 to anyone who is running Prepar3D v2 from an SSD."

      Hank D.C.

      "The textures look phenomenal and extremely realistic. Those Nimbostratus Pannus clouds look exactly like the actual ones in a picture I took while in the air a while ago when I flew. Fantastic job REX team!"

      Luke Collins

      "By far the best add-on software for FSX. Well worth the money."

      gauthier Malou

      Every time i switched to detailed clouds in prepar3d, i lost half my fps. With Rex4 , not only my detailed clouds are smooth as soap, but they look awesome. my best buy ever.

      Nathaniel Scott

      This has been one of the best add-ons to FSX and P3D. I continue to be impressed with this product (having had version 2, 3 and now 4). Customer service is awesome, and so is support. They care about the product AND the customer. This improves the way weather looks and immerses you deeper into the simulation. I say this is a must-have! Cheers!

      Dayan Jeremiah

      Absolutely love it! Makes everything look so much more realistic.

      Anthin Delahunt

      The program is absolutely brilliant. Goes hand in hand with ORBX. If I could give this a hundred star rating I would.

      peter robinson

      Superb bloody fantastic!!!!!!.....amazing buy it.think my wife will file for divorce on this!!!!!!!!!! always on flight sim. good installation easy to set up,wow what difference to fs experience.

      Mario Lobo

      Awesome product, downloaded and installed without any issues. Installed the all custom REX 4 Texture Direct HD and what a transformation. The effects are just mind blowing! Please do read the Manual and set the weather settings correctly in FSX and then get ready for a F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Experience! :-) Great Job REX Team Ps. May I add that support is excellent via their REX Support forum.

      Rocky Melendez

      There so many different sky layouts for dawn, day, dusk. All beautifully made in HD. Tons and tons of different clouds for low level and high level all in HD also. So many options when it comes to the airport, runway, taxi, runaway and taxi lights, parking, taxi signs, different thunder effects, thunder and wind sounds, sun and lens glare, grass and concrete, asphalt options, just so many options. like literall id say about 200 options in total for everything you could think of at the airport and the sky. i highly recommend it this with Rex Soft Clouds. Oh trust me, youll never fly again without this.

      Michael Langer

      It looks amazing! Very good to have it!

      david talarico

      Best out there by far in every way possible worth every penny over any others. This has to be the single best upgrade to Flight sim X there is. Works great is everything it says it is and much more. I would highly recommend it to anyone no matter the computer you use it will run it.

      Dmytro Ivanov

      Awesome, the sky & clouds look so real!"

      Patrick Samford

      This is by far one of the must haves for your flight sim. I have had it for about a month now and it is awesome! You will see the sky as if you where truly in the sky in your own plane. The sounds of the rain and the lightning and thunder just jump out at you especially in surround sound. I say buy this for your next upgrade you will not regret.

      Shanard Letang

      This will make FSX look more realistic. Just as it states it will do.

      Mike Polera

      This texture set is awesome! It adds great realism to your sim experience and really allows you to customize the visuals you want. Very easy UI and super easy to make changes on the go if desired. Well worth the $.

      Benjamin Smith

      Great Texture Pack! Everyone who is a serious simmer should get it!

      Jason Meadows

      This addon is amazing really transforms your simulator into reality. I installed this after already having REX installed on my system and now could never go back to the default FSX textures. MUST HAVE.

      matt huetsch

      It truly does change your flight simulator experience!

      Michael Suetsugu

      Extremely realistic! The clouds are fantastic and look very real. The sky colors are very real and and a huge improvement from the regular FSX default sky colors. Wave animations and the water textures make you always want to fly over the water. This pack even improved the default airports with very high quality taxiway and runway textures and markings. Overall a fantastic product!

      David Chin

      One of the best addons ever, it makes your airport and clouds look EXTREMELY realistic! Worth the money and frame rate friendly.

      Josiah Macdonald

      This is one of the best add-ons ever. I love every bit of it and more thanks Team.

      Breunis Verburgt

      This is the first add-on I would HIGHLY recommend for your fsx.. for $34.95, I think it is well worth the money! You won't be disappointed!!

      Jose Estrada

      $34.95 dollars, really worth the price if your looking for more realism. Rex really enhances your fsx to better standards of realism. The sky, water, clouds, runways, and taxiways look much more realistic! This product is a must have if your looking for more realism and hey! worth every penny! So i am giving this product a great A+.

      brian lever

      What more can be said about this product that has not been said before one word FANTASTIC.

      Jesse Casserly

      The textures are absolutely incredible!

      murray parrott

      Picked this up yesterday and its awesome. It makes inserting textures into fsx a fast and easy process and is well worth the price.

      Seth gadd

      AMAZING! Comes with SO many customizations.

      Tim Sullivan

      Money well spent ! Works very good with my system. Running windows 7. Textures are outstanding.

      alan martin

      Its hard to say as you can see reviews al 5 stars all the way just brings so much weather reality into fsx just keeps getting better and the great features of the program you can tailor to your likeness as well. Just awesome. I played the thunderstorm sounds and the bass sound I can feel the rumble under my feet even the roommate at the other end of the mobile come running in thinking it was real all to funny. Again awesome program.

      Richard Herring

      Didn't affect my frame rate at all. And the cloud detail as well as sky coloring is beautiful.

      Charlie McHugh

      I received the REX 4 - Texture for Christmas. I have used it for about 2 hours. When I got it I thought it was a better way to see the textures on the ground. I figured you would load it and you would have an improved texture when you were looking at the ground as you were flying. What surprised me was all the options you have to pick textures. It breaks down clouds into sections and you pick which you like or which you would like to use in a flight you planned. I was overwhelmed with all the choices you have. You can even pick out the sound for Thunder. I am impress with this add-on and it was more then I thought it would be.

      William Schofield

      I have had some time to spend with this program now and I am amazed. It is simple to change to whatever textures your heart desires, and go straight to FSX from REX4's control panel. I will never look at FSX the same again.

      nathan young

      Absolutely beautiful, one of the best upgrades to FSX I've purchased.

      Michael Fuhs

      Love it! It has indeed changed my little FSX- world so very much to the better in many respects. Took some time to download and install though, but it´s been worth waiting, trust me!

      Aaqib Afzal

      Been along time user and fan of REX products and their textures are unbeatable to date, will not change and will always be a supportive REX Users

      Richard Rice

      Very much impressed/satisfied with this product. I highly recommend it.


Current REX users will recognize the realism and quality synonymous with REX products in an all new experience.

Fidelity is much more inherent due to higher definition source material and yields a top quality end result, even at lower resolution settings. Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition also features the latest technology and state-of-the-art features for a mind-blowing experience.

A large, easy to read user-interface. Oh, and texture installation is lightning fast!

Select and install textures individually and/or create custom 'themes' to install a full suite of textures instantly.

Powerful new theme protocols: Local, Weather or Community, where users have the ability to share texture sets with others. Select weather scenarios or airport codes in order to have texture themes generated based upon weather conditions. Auto-start simulator option built-in. There's a built in system notification area advising you of critical program feedback, update alerts or shared themes.


Powerful back end server technology is the foundation for the NEW cloud based theme-controlled center.

Control the creation or auto-creation of texture based themes. Save, install, delete or share these themes with fellow REX users around the world. Utilize a new system to rate themes, thus interacting with other users for a roadmap to success. Records are stored within 'banks' and may be accessed by simply navigating or filtering database results, as well as using a search utility.


WEATHER THEMES – A NEW concept using an Intelligent Synopsis protocol.

Select a desired ICAO code location, and Texture Direct will fetch the current METAR, which in turn generates a graphical synopsis based on the results. REX then generates textures based on this overview. From here you may save or share these conditions with the rest of the REX user community via the cloud servers.


Tailored to low AND high-end systems, REX Texture Direct is comprised of over 16GB of material ranging from standard resolution to high-definition choices.


Sun and lens flare special effects, allowing realistic renditions of atmospheric conditions.

Panning around your aircraft at different angles during beginning or end of day will yield just how dynamic these effects can be. Rendered for DX9, DX10 and DX11!

Compatible with FSX, FSX:Steam Edition, Prepar3D versions 1, 2, 3 and 4!

REX Texture Direct supports Microsoft FSX,FSX:Steam Edition, Prepar3D versions 1, 2, 3 and 4 and is fully DX9, DX10 and DX11 compliant. You may easily switch between simulator preference.


Includes true environment and weather-related sound effects.

We went through great lengths to maintain a certain 'sound' through a meticulous mastering process. REX Simulations owns and operates a full-fledged recording studio and mastering facility using state-of-the-art equipment. This capability allows us to bring the sound experience to you! The dynamic sounds of rain, wind and thunder will blow you away.



A comprehensive Configuration Manager allowing you to tailor for your specific needs!

Texture Direct automatically reads the system registry to locate the application folders and auto-populates the flight simulator folder locations.


A great facility built within Texture Direct is the option to auto-start your weather engine of choice. Within this section you can also create an account in order to take advantage of the online capabilities inside REX 4.


Backup and Restore functions!

Backing up and restoring critical files is important and easy to do within REX 4 Texture Direct!

Frame-rate friendly!

Install FPS critical files, allowing you to optimize texture selections prior to replacing flight simulator files. Texture resolutions can be selected between 512, 1024, 2048, and 4096 textures (HD).

There are texture options for 32bit, DXT5 or DXT1, from high to low-end systems!


Options! Take control.

The Texture Install Configuration allows you to control which textures are installed into FSX or Prepar3D.


Weather Architect/Direct Integration - This new option enables the ability for Weather Architect and/or Weather Direct to communicate with Texture Direct and vice versa, without having to physically open Texture Direct.

Built-in Auto Update feature!

The built-in Auto Update technology allows REX Simulations to quickly, effectively and effortlessly deliver periodic and crucial updates to our customers.


I immediately noted the improvement to the 'look' of the clouds. During my many flights I experienced some excellent ground fog effects, and cloud layers I flew through had a real 'fluffy' feel. As you fly through various cloud conditions you will begin to notice the softening of the clouds you had not seen before. For me, this has proved to be one of the best purchases I have made! REX have ensured, that if you have a top-end or towards the bottom end of performance computer, you will still see a marked difference in the cloud environment. Now that is truly amazing. In my experience REX enhancements have not had any diverse negative frame rate reduction hits, just massively enhanced clouds effects. A MUST! - Nigel C. Martin


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