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ALSO INCLUDES a Vast Variety of Vegetation Presets

Seasons for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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March 22, 2023

Spring is Emerging

Experience the beauty of spring with 2 FREE NEW presets from REX - Beginnings and Renewal. Beginnings features early spring with trees starting to bud while Renewal displays the beauty of emerging spring trees.

What is REX AccuSeason?

AccuSeason is an innovative and comprehensive software that offers a vast selection of seasonal presets and vegetation customization options, enabling global display of seasons. You have the freedom to choose tree height, deciduous tree canopy type, and color tone for an enhanced experience.

Plus... Automation Mode!

With AUTOMATION MODE, REX's AccuSeason app can automatically adjust tree colors based on the current date and flight location, making your flight simulation experience even more realistic. The dynamic automation technology also changes tree colors throughout the year, with weekly tree color changes during the autumn season leading into winter in the northern hemisphere.

Dynamic Automation

Automatically applies foliage colors based on current date, without the need for user interaction!

Experience the changing seasons with accurate and dynamic foliage colors throughout the year. With AccuSeason, witness the progression of colors with weekly changes during Autumn to Winter in the northern hemisphere and bi-weekly or monthly changes during other seasons. You can even manually select prior or future time periods, such as flying in early Autumn foliage during late Autumn.

HD Gallery

View high-quality screenshots and witness the transformation that our superior product can bring to your simulation experience!

More realistic vegetation for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Winter season presets

A Multitude of Presets

REX AccuSeason offers a vast selection of visually stunning and realistic presets to elevate your simulator experience. Each season features multiple unique presets, with additional ones added as they become available.

Installation & Operations Guide

Download our user manual today to unlock the full potential of AccuSeason and transform your Microsoft Flight Simulator vegetation experience.

Enhanced Content Screen

 NEW feature included in Feature Update 1.0

Enhanced Content

Get specialized regional enhancements with REX AccuSeason, and enjoy the convenience of staying up-to-date with the latest enhanced content through cloud updates. No need to manually update the application - new content will be automatically available as it becomes available.


AccuSeason offers global representation of seasons, with the opposite season in the southern hemisphere as compared to the northern hemisphere. This means that if you fly from New York during autumn, you will arrive in Buenos Aires with spring vegetation. Similarly, flying out of Sydney in Australia's winter will land you in Seattle with summer vegetation.


REX AccuSeason includes numerous updates to accurately represent vegetation in various regions around the world. In Iceland, for example, conifer trees have been replaced with more appropriate vegetation. Similarly, a significant portion of the central United States now displays deciduous trees instead of conifers. The software also adds palm trees to many cities where they were not previously present. Additionally, the software includes new biomes that depict various vegetation types, such as steppe, tundra, Australian scrublands, New Zealand vegetation, and different conifer regions. These updates are an ongoing effort, and more improvements will be made in the future as development continues.


With REX AccuSeason, take your winter landscape experience to the next level with our rendition of deciduous winter trees. Our trees are designed to show significantly fewer leaves in winter landscapes, complementing the Microsoft Flight Simulator's snow feature for a more realistic and visually pleasing experience. These winter trees are available in all areas where the simulator depicts deciduous trees and the winter season applies.

Tree Height Adjustment

To further customize your experience, REX AccuSeason offers three options for tree height: short, medium, and tall. Additionally, some trees have been properly sized in the app to reflect more realistic proportions, such as the massively sized default trees that display in Sydney, Australia. 


REX AccuSeason offers an alternative canopy shape for deciduous trees, which is irregular in shape, as opposed to the default rounded canopy. The irregular shape adds variety to the appearance of deciduous trees. Additionally, the irregular-shaped canopy often features more color variation within the tree and colors appear richer and deeper overall.


Customize the look of your simulator with REX AccuSeason's color tone selection feature, offering a choice of three different color tones: cool, warm, and neutral. Choose the color tone that suits your preferences to create a more personalized experience.

Manage Your Seasons and Customization with a App

REX AccuSeason offers a user-friendly experience, allowing you to easily select and customize vegetation options without the need to navigate complex Windows folder structures or edit text documents manually. The app handles all the work for you, and future enhancements and updates are implemented automatically. This streamlined approach saves you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on enjoying your flight simulation experience.

AccuSeason Spring Presets
AccuSeason Feature Update 1.0

Feature Update 1.0 New Content!

Now includes an Enhanced Content feature where you can access specialized regional enhancements, a convenient new way to stay-up-to-date with new enhanced content via the cloud as it becomes available, without the need to update the application.

The first addition is Florida and Southeast United States Coastal Update, which replaces vegetation in central and northern Florida, as well as the Southeastern United States coastal area from New Orleans through southern Georgia with vegetation that better represents the region.

Available at:

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Technical Update 6.0 / Content Update 6.0
March 22, 2023

  • ADDED - New spring presets Beginnings and Renewal.
  • ADDED - Updated all presets with latest improvements to support Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 12.
  • FIXED - August automated and manual presets not being installed properly.

Technical Update 3.0 and Service Update 4.0
June 14, 2022

  • ADDED - New spring preset named Bloom containing floral trees in many areas.
  • ADDED - Weekly vegetation for July to Automated Dynamic Seasons containing expanded vegetation color changes.
  • ADDED - New content for Enhancements; Northeast Australia Coastal Region.

Service Update 3.5
April 22, 2022

  • ADDED – Weekly vegetation color transitions for autumn through winter in Australia and New Zealand for Automated Dynamic Seasons.
  • ADDED – Weekly vegetation color transitions for autumn through winter in Southern Argentina and Chile including the Patagonia region for Automated Dynamic Seasons.
  • Service Update 2 does not require an application update to your software as these updates were immediately delivered by the cloud to your REX AccuSeason application!

Technical Update 2.0 and Service Update 3.0
April 6, 2022

  • ADDED – Weekly autumn vegetation color transitions for Australia and New Zealand in the months of March and April for Automated Dynamic Seasons.
  • ADDED – Weekly autumn vegetation color transitions for Southern Argentina and Chile including the Patagonia region in the months of March and April for Automated Dynamic Seasons.
  • ADDED - New Enhancement in the Enhancements section of the application for St. Barts, which removes tall vegetation that might get in the way of a clean landing on Runway 10.
  • ADDED - Cherry blossom trees in Japanese cities for the Automated Dynamic Seasons feature.
  • FIXED - Enhanced content installer for additional material.

Service Update 2.0
March 4, 2022

  • ADDED – March and April to Automated Dynamic Seasons with gradual weekly vegetation transitions from winter to spring for the northern hemisphere. 
  • ADDED – Floral trees to spring vegetation within Automated Dynamic Seasons. Floral trees appear once dormant-looking trees no longer display for an area.
  • MATCHED – Coloring for trees in Temperate and Tropical vegetation regions for the months of March and April to more realistic real-world hues.
  • INCLUDED – Slightly brighter hues to conifers starting in late March resulting from more sunlight in the spring.
  • IMPROVED – Desert vegetation in the southwestern United States.
  • IMPROVED – Central to northeastern Oregon vegetation to display conifers instead of deciduous trees. This area includes the Ochoco, Umatilla, Wallowa-Whitman, and Malheur National forests.
  • Service Update 2 does not require an application update to your software as these updates were immediately delivered by the cloud to your REX AccuSeason application!

Feature Update 1.0
February 24, 2022

  • FIXED – Double-clicking the Settings button in the lower-right of the application causes application to freeze.
  • ADDED – Functionality to control additional updates to the system without the need for end-user download and installation.
  • ADDED – Functionality to download upcoming specialized regional content without the need for end-user download and installation.
  • ADDEDEnhancements section to the application interface where users can access specialized regional enhancements as content becomes available.
  • UPDATED – Central and northern Florida and the southeastern U.S. coast to display vegetation that better represents the region. Scenery is enhanced in Automated Dynamic Seasons, as well as all presets and is especially useful in autumn and winter as warmer climate vegetation, which is green, is visible throughout these seasons. This was a highly requested feature from our customers, and is now available in the new Enhancements section.
  • UPDATED – Installation and Operations Guide.

Service Update 1.1
February 15, 2022

Service Update 1.0
January 24, 2022

  • ENHANCED - Winter deciduous trees (the winter trees that look dormant as they display much less leaves than fully leaved trees) and corresponding scrubs and shrubs to display a more natural and darker tone for Automated Dynamic Seasons, as well as the Cold Snap and Dead of Winter presets.
  • ENHANCED - Vegetation in the December through February weekly updates to display darker green colors (which are more accurate to this region) during the automated weekly updates for Automated Dynamic Seasons within the Patagonia region in southern Argentina and Chile.
  • ENHANCED - Vegetation in the December through February weekly updates to display darker green colors (which are more accurate to this region) during the automated weekly updates for Automated Dynamic Seasons within the cities in Australia and New Zealand.
  • INCREASED - Variety of trees by adding a variation of pine trees within regions that contain both deciduous and conifer trees for Automated Dynamic Seasons.
  • ADDED - The weeks for February for Automated Dynamic Seasons, except the final week, which is when the Spring season starts to transition in. More to come soon!

Technical Update 1.0.0
January 7, 2022

  • FIXED – Automated preset installation.  
  • FIXED – Short tree height option not persisting.  
  • FIXED – Compatibility for Microsoft Flight Simulator v. .
  • ADDED – Option within the Automation window in which a user can set the desired system time that automation installation is engaged. 

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