Real Global Airport Textures

Photo-Based, Global PBR Airport Texture Replacement

Global Airport Texture Enhancement with Hyper-Realistic PBR Textures

Enhance your flight simulation with this product, revitalizing airport textures for heightened realism. Say goodbye to outdated textures and welcome unparalleled graphics.

Crafted in HD with Full PBR Support

Experience breathtaking visual fidelity with REX Real Global Airport Textures, an immersive graphics package crafted from actual airport photos. Dive into unparalleled realism for your airport simulations.


Instantly transform your airport simulation with realistic graphics for over 37,000 airports worldwide. Enjoy highly detailed textures, exceptional fidelity, and customizable options for an immersive experience. Compatible with freeware or custom airports, this package enhances all airports.

Taxiway Markings & Runway Rubber Buildup Options

We know flight simulation enthusiasts love options, so we developed two distinct styles for taxiway markings and runway rubber buildup. Choose your preferred style for a more customized and immersive experience.

Selection screen from the Real Global Airport Textures app for Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Experience unparalleled realism with runway, taxiway, and apron pavements featuring bidirectional reflectance distribution technology. Enjoy a fully immersive PBR experience with snow, water buildup, and realistic crack filler. Get ready for an authentic airport simulation like never before.


  • Over 1GB of highly detailed textures replacing the entire simulator airport texture library
  • Different varieties of asphalt (taxiways, roads, rough asphalt, striped asphalt with and without damage)
  • Realistic soiled aprons, all types of worn and clean runways/taxiways and taxiway markings
  • 28 different types of runway surfaces
  • Detailed embellishments such as cracks, dirt, bump mapping, crack filler and grooves
  • Different styles of photo-based tire skid and runway rubber markings and buildup to choose from; light or heavy use
  • Different styles of taxiway markings to choose from; clean or used
  • Multiple types of cracked asphalt with realistic crack filler, crack decals and gravel surfaces
  • Full PBR support
  • A multitude of variances consisting of tarmac, macadam, bitumen, concrete slab surfaces, concrete with realistic grooving
  • Multiple types of cement, with and without damage
  • Surface bump mapping and bituminous surfaces
  • Realistic airport ground markings and color
  • Sandstone, sand, rubble mud, concrete gravel, moss and sand, ground soil surfaces, rocky and rough soil surfaces and surrounding grass surfaces
  • Community folder integration for a safe and easy installation or removal
  • Most importantly, FPS-friendly!


Experience smooth gameplay that doesn't add to frame rate impact. Our team prioritizes seamless simulation, ensuring no frame rate issues compared to default settings.

Real Global Airport Textures


Default texture performance 

REX + Freeware Airports

Enhance your airport simulation with our extensive texture library, elevating freeware airports, including's. Watch as your favorite airports transform with stunning graphics and enhanced realism, taking your simulation to new heights.

A busy airport terminal with multiple planes parked on the tarmac.

Safe and Easy Installation

Protect your MSFS installation with our easy, hassle-free package that uses community folder integration. Install and remove the product effortlessly. Just install and fly!

A view from inside a plane on the runway, showing the tarmac and airport buildings in the background.

User Manual

Looking to enhance your experience with the Real Global Airport Textures? We've got you covered with our comprehensive Installation & User Guide. This guide is designed to help you get the most out of your new software by providing detailed instructions and useful tips.

User Manual for Real Global Airport Textures for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

HD Screenshots

Take a sneak peek at the upgraded airport simulation through high-definition screenshots showcasing its superior quality. Witness firsthand how this package will enhance your simulation experience.

Vibrant airport scene with aircraft taking off, landing, and taxiing on runways, surrounded by bustling terminals.

Real Global Airport Textures vs. Competitor

REX vs. Zinertek

We are dedicated to upholding industry standards, ensuring that our products consistently surpass expectations. The table above illustrates how REX sets the benchmark for quality in the industry.

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