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Compatible with Prepar3D, FSX:Steam and FSX. 1 license covers all 3 flight simulators.
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What's Included

Sky Force 3D is the most complete all-in-one environment utility add-on available.

What is Included in REX 5 Sky Force 3D
REX 5 Sky Force 3D User Manual

REX Sky Force 3D User Manual

Download today and discover how Sky Force 3D can change your user experience!

  • If you are currently using another weather engine or texture add-on, Sky Force 3D is already compatible!
  • Dynamically sync weather structures in real-time to match upcoming weather.
  • Rain shafts added to calvus and incus cumulonimbus clouds. Wall and shelf clouds included.
  • Automatically implement soft and detailed clouds together within the same session.
  • No more upside down clouds. Cloud textures accurately displayed.
Puffy Clouds from Sky Force
  • Real-world weather is built on our servers, not your machine, reducing performance hit.
  • Quadrupled cloud variants, allowing more variety during flight.
  • Clouds developed in comparison to real-world counterpart.
  • Superior cloud and weather formations containing precise definition for each cloud type.
  • Storms reaching up to 70,000 ft.
  • Cloud repitition greatly reduced.

Watch The Video

The video demonstates new features not available in-sim without Sky Force.

REX 5 3D Cloud Models

Yes, Clouds are Modeled in 3D.

Just like the aircraft you fly, clouds are also modeled in a 3D program.

20GB of REX-Quality Textures!

Environment textures, tons of them, with a wide variety of mixed styles.

Fly Now with REX 5 Textures
3D Cloud Choices
10 Day Sky Texture Selections
Day Dawn Dusk Sky Textures
Dusk Textures from REX
Sun and Flare Textures Sky Force
Moon Texture Choices
Lightning Courtesy of REX 5

Natural Photo-Based Sky Textures

An abundance of natural sky textures to choose from, including subtle to cinematic sun and atmospheric effects.


Vaporous Skies

Smoother, more realistic natural sky and visibility/fog blending. Experience more realistic horizontal and vertical day, dawn and dusk fog generation and sky visibility blending.


Realistic Atmospherics

The atmospheric rendering special effects range from subtle to extremely cinematic. Sun atmospheric rendering coupled with HDR elements included for use in Prepar3D.

10-Day Cycle

Sky Textures

The simulator will dynamically load a different sky color transition from sunrise through sunset each day.

Dynamic Cloud Model Synchronization

The weather engine dynamically synchronizes cloud models based on upcoming weather conditions.

Dynamic Cloud Model Synchronization

High-Definition Ambient Sound Effects

Dynamic environment sounds of rain, thunder and wind.

High Definition Ambient Sound Effects

PTA Integration

PTA presets included that were developed for use with our sky textures for maximum realism.

PTA - REX Sky Force 3D

Cohesive Experience

The PTA presets in Sky Force were designed for use with our sky textures. We even include demonstration videos of each PTA preset and texture combination in use, ranging from sunrise through sunset.



PTA integration is a one-click install process. All supporting textures and PTA preset are automatically installed.

Interactive Weather Map & Flight Center

Providing 9 weather overlays; precipitation, winds, temps, pireps, sigmets, metar, flight plan, major airports and roads. Local level to regional level. Reduce opacity of precipitation echoes for easy viewing while planning.

  • Use flight plans from 3rd-party planners and import flight plans created from Prepar3D or FSX.
  • Download community created flight plans from inside REX.
  • Real-time global sigmet data.
  • View departure and arrival airport weather data, as well as winds and temps aloft at all waypoints.
  • Share your flight plan inside REX so your co-pilot can experience the same route.
Weather Center REX 5
Community Sharing Directly Through the REX Cloud

Shared Community Integration

You can also share and download environment creations. Save, install, delete or share with fellow REX users around the world and even rate other users saved themes. A search utility is provided to quickly locate keyword-specific phrases.
REX Auto Update

Auto Update

The built-in auto update technology allows us to quickly, effectively and effortlessly deliver updates to our customers.