Worldwide Airports HD

Customize and transform over 24,000+ airports with high-resolution textures, graphics, and 3D vehicle add-ons.

Compatible with Prepar3D v. 1, 2, 3 & 4+, FSX:Steam and FSX. 1 license, 3 flight simulators!


Many user-selectable styles. Choose HD or frame rate-friendly textures. Day, night, bump, and specular textures for maximum realism.


New airport hangar styles available, ranging from small and medium to large, including maintenance sheds. Choose from a variety of user-selectable styles.


Unmatched global airport textures, providing cohesive ground environments with fully matching taxiways, runways, jetways, markings, parking spaces, signage, and special bump mapping for a uniform appearance.


Includes 16 popular jetway styles with custom ground markings that merge with any taxiway style. Features high-definition day, night, bump, and specular textures for realistic reflections.


A comprehensive library of detailed 3D vehicle models and custom-selectable textures, featuring realistic tugs, pushback tractors, baggage carts, loaders, and fuel trucks.

User Manual

Looking to enhance your experience with Worldwide Airports HD? We've got you covered with our comprehensive Installation & User Guide. This guide is designed to help you get the most out of your new software by providing detailed instructions and useful tips.

User Manual for REX Worldwide Airports HD.

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The ultimate in realistic global airport texture and vehicle model enhancement.

Intuitive Interface, Endless Variations

Install content individually or as a full suite, including terminals, buildings, hangars, ground environments, jetways, lighting, parking garages, and custom 3D vehicles.

UI for selecting texture sets from REX WWA.

Airline Specific Hangars

Choose airline specific airport hangars, favoring a specific air carrier at your home airport. Great for virtual airlines. The worlds top 26 airlines included!

KLM Airport Hangar.
Quantas Airport Hangar.
United Airport Hangar

Frame-Rate Friendly

You have the flexibility to choose texture resolutions ranging from standard to high-definition, making it compatible with both high-performance and budget-friendly systems.

Clouds, weather engine, texture sync, flight center, sun add-on, PTA and environment sounds

Enhanced Airports

Greatly enhanced airports are included with Worldwide Airports HD, such as KSLD and KDCA.

Revised airports screen UI from REX WWA.

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