AccuSeason Advanced

• Dynamic Seasons
• Customizable Options
• Automated Updates
• Global Coverage

Customize or Dynamically Automate Your Global Seasons

Weather Force

• Real-Time Weather
• Accurate Injection
• Dynamic Weather Presets
• Detailed Effects

Metar-Based Dynamic Real-Time Weather Engine

Global Airport Textures

• HD Textures
• Global Reach
• Realistic Surfaces
• Weather Integration

Photo-Based, Global PBR Airport Texture Replacement

Customer Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied customers! We take pride in delivering exceptional products, and our customers appreciate the quality, reliability, and personalized attention. Discover how we've made a difference in their lives and businesses through their genuine stories. Join the community of happy customers who trust REX as their preferred choice.

Philip Wilson

There are currently no other environmental products on the market which even come close to the level of quality and professionalism REX brings. I highly recommend as it will give you breathtaking and realistic environments.

Sales Wick

Sometimes we know it simply from the moment we experience it, this moment in which we just know there will be days, if not weeks until the grin on your face disappears. That's when you've done something right. This feeling I had with REX.

Willie Fields

This is a truly unique product that not only brings beautiful details to your flying environment, but also an amount of realism that brings your flight sim experience one step closer to actual flight. This is the absolute best add-on out there at this time; you will not be disappointed.

William Vick

I bought REX several days ago. It truly has changed my flight sim experience. It looks way more real now. It would take me too long to describe all the things this program improves. My frame rates are as good or better than default. The guys that programed this must love what they do, because they did it right.

Christopher Duncani

REX has transformed my experience. The incredible realism of the cloud formations has to be seen to be believed. I thought Active Sky was good until now. My FPS have actually improved. In 25 years of flight simming REX is probably the best add-on I have purchased.


REX Simulations is a division of REX Game Studios, specializing in developing high-quality add-ons and enhancements for flight simulation software since 2006, focusing particularly on weather generators, textures, and environmental effects.

REX Simulations primarily develops products for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS), and Prepar3D. Compatibility details are typically specified for each product.

REX Simulations' weather engines, such as Weather Force, offer more advanced weather modeling and real-time weather updates compared to the default weather systems. They aim to provide more accurate and dynamic weather conditions.

Yes, REX Simulations' products are designed not only to enhance visual realism but also to optimize performance where possible. Features like dynamic weather effects and texture enhancements aim to balance realism with performance considerations.

REX Simulations products are generally compatible with other third-party add-ons, but specific compatibility can vary. It's recommended to check product descriptions and forums for user feedback on compatibility with specific add-ons.