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ALSO INCLUDES a vast variety of Foliage, Terrain Coloring and Weather Scenarios

Seasons for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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REX AccuSeason Terrain Coloring UI

Terrain Coloring
Now Included!

Enjoy more natural-looking vistas! Terrain Coloring can be automated or user-controlled and currently applies to the United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Iceland. More regions to be added!

REX AccuSeason Weather UI

Weather Scenarios
Now Included!

In perfect harmony with the vegetation and terrain features, you can now choose from a wide array of season-oriented weather presets, totaling over 38 options. Each preset is a carefully crafted masterpiece, capturing the unique charm and challenges of the climate during that time.

NEW in AccuSeason Advanced Edition

Resilient Coloring

This new user-controlled feature keeps vegetation coloring consistent when the ground texture is too light in color, or the underlying ground image contains unnatural coloring. Resilient Coloring avoids vegetation fading or discoloring.

NEW in AccuSeason Advanced Edition

2 New Enhanced Regions; Aspen trees in Colorado and Larch trees in NW USA and SW Canada

Aspen trees, which turn yellow in the autumn, create stunning landscapes along with a backdrop of green conifers. These landscapes can be seen around many areas in Colorado including Aspen, Telluride, Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge, and many others.

Larch trees, which are conifers that display yellow and orange hues during autumn can be found in the Cascade mountains of Washington, in northern areas of Idaho and Montana, as well as in the mountains of southern British Columbia.

NEW in AccuSeason Advanced Edition

Lower Vegetation Density for Cities and Towns

This innovative user-controlled feature introduces a significant enhancement to the visual aesthetics of cities and towns, creating a more harmonious and natural appearance.

NEW in AccuSeason Advanced Edition

The NEW Advanced Edition Further Enhances Selectable Vegetation Color Tones

We have successfully further enhanced vegetation color tones to present deeper warm tones and cooler cool tones. These subtle differences make a huge impact in-sim! Select the overall color tone that looks best to you, cool, warm, or neutral.

What is the NEW REX AccuSeason Advanced Edition?

A feature-rich modern application that allows 2 separate modes of operation:

Automation Mode

Automatically changes seasonal foliage:

On a weekly basis


Throughout the year

Changes terrain coloring throughout the seasons (NEW in Advanced Edition)

Customization Mode

Configure seasonal elements with a large collection of seasonal presets for:


Terrain Coloring (NEW in Advanced Edition)

Weather Scenarios (NEW in Advanced Edition)

Further customize vegetation to your liking in either mode with an excellent collection of options:

– Tree height

– Foliage color tones

– Canopy type for deciduous trees

 – Vegetation density for cities and towns (NEW in Advanced Edition)

– Resilient coloring (NEW in Advanced Edition)

Set It and Forget It!

Year-round, precise global foliage color changes that automatically displays foliage and terrain coloring based on date & location.

Watch colors change weekly across 4 seasons. As autumn colors change in the northern hemisphere, spring is displayed in Australia, New Zealand, and southern parts of South America. Ground coloring changes during autumn and winter in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland. More world regions to be added!

Weekly Color Transition: End of Summer to Autumn, into Winter

Weekly Color Transition: End of Winter to Spring to Summer

REX AccuSeason Vegetation Presets UI

A Multitude of Vegetation Presets

Opt for manual mode with 25 realistic seasonal presets if you prefer. Every season has several unique presets.

Manage Your Seasons and Customization with a App

The automation window empowers users to schedule the application, enabling it to automatically install seasonal presets for both vegetation and terrain coloring. This intelligent feature operates in sync with the current date and time of the year, ensuring that your virtual environment continually reflects the evolving natural world.
Let AccuSeason handle it all!

AccuSeason Set it and Forget it UI

Performance Optimized for Flight Simulator

Sim Update 11 and Higher

REX invests significant time and effort to provide optimal performance with each Flight Sim update!

Global Seasons

Seasons span the globe, showcasing a striking dichotomy between the northern and southern hemispheres. Imagine departing from New York during autumn and landing in Buenos Aires, where spring's lush vegetation awaits your arrival. Alternatively, venture from Sydney during Australia's winter and touch down in Seattle, greeted by the vibrant greenery of summer!

Enhanced Content Screen from REX AccuSeason

Enhanced Content

Easily access specialized regional enhancements via the REX cloud as they become available... without the need to update the application!

Many Global Areas Updated for Accurate Vegetation Representation

New biomes have been created to depict steppe, tundra, Australian scrublands, New Zealand vegetation, and different conifer regions. Iceland's conifer trees replaced with suitable vegetation. A large central part of the United States now features deciduous trees, not conifer forests. Palm trees added to many cities where there were none.

Winter Deciduous Trees

Deciduous winter trees appear for all areas where the simulator depicts deciduous trees and the winter season applies. These trees show significantly less leaves and look great in winter landscapes with or without snow. 

Laptop displaying mountainous vegetation from REX AccuSeason


Witness the remarkable transformation your simulation will undergo with this superior, fresh product rendition!

Selectable Deciduous Tree Canopy

In addition to the default rounded canopy, you can opt for an irregular-shaped canopy for deciduous trees. This unique canopy design adds a delightful touch, enhancing the diversity of shapes among deciduous trees. Furthermore, it often results in greater color variation within the tree, enhancing the overall depth and richness of its colors.

Tree Height Adjustment

3 options available for tree height: short, medium, and tall. Additionally, some trees have been properly sized in the app to reflect more realistic proportions, such as the massively sized default trees that display in Sydney Australia.

Short Vegetation in REX AccuSeason


Medium Vegetation in REX AccuSeason


Tall Vegetation in REX AccuSeason


Installation & Operations Guide

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3. Locate the product labeled as "REX AccuSeason Advanced Edition" and click the DOWNLOAD button next to it. Follow the installation guidelines available on the download page.

AccuSeason Content Update showing Green Trees in Spring

May 6, 2024

Spring Has Sprung Content Update

This New 2024 Content Update includes:

  • NEW "Linen" spring vegetation preset
  • NEW "Sunshine" spring vegetation preset

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