Weather Force

Metar-Based Dynamic Real-Time Weather Engine

INCLUDES Dynamic Weather Presets

REX Weather Force New Weather Engine
Weather Force is the Dynamic Realtime Weather Engine for Microsoft Flight Simulator powered by METAR Data.

Enhance your weather experience by implementing automated dynamic weather transitions using real-world METAR reporting stations. Achieve this through seamless inter-process communication and precise control over granular weather changes.

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Furthermore, you can also enjoy the unique benefit of the industry's sole software providing dynamically evolving weather presets, rather than static ones.

Enhance your weather simulation adventure with Weather Force's exclusive dynamic weather presets that evolve, dissipate, and undergo transformations as time passes. Why settle for stagnant weather presets when you can immerse yourself in dynamic weather variations?

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"REX WeatherForce does exactly what it claims to do, very accurately and very well. In my opinion it should be the first add-on you get for MSFS."

Mutley's Hangar

"Using Weather Force now seems natural and fits nicely into my flow to get airborne, it's as easy as: set up flight, start Weather Force, and fly."

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Virtual UA

"Overall, I am pleased with Weather Force and strongly recommend it for anyone trying to add realism. Fantastic job REX!"

Experience weather simulations that are more realistic than ever before with our weather engine that utilizes real-time METAR data as its foundation.

  • The Metar data undergoes six updates per hour and is sourced directly from NOAA, offering precise information within a 1/8th-mile radius of a specific location. 
  • Weather Force employs specialized algorithms to amalgamate both Metar and model data, extending coverage to remote regions like deserts and oceans.
  • The Global Forecast System (GFS) Model data, sourced from NCEP and updated twice daily, furnishes critical atmospheric details, offering a snapshot of upper-level temperature and wind conditions.
Live realtime weather in Microsoft Flight Simulator


Achieve precise weather simulations using Weather Force's cutting-edge technology, which parses live METAR reports for remarks to identify nearby storms. Even when automated METAR reports indicate clear conditions, our system generates storms near the reporting station, mirroring real-life conditions.

Snow Accumulation Time Lapse

A brief time-lapse showcasing snow buildup while utilizing the REX Weather Force weather engine within Microsoft Flight Simulator.

North of Hurricane Zeta's Eyewall

A fast-forward time-lapse illustrating REX Weather Force's conditions just north of the eyewall of Hurricane Zeta at KBHM Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

User Manual

Access our user manual now to unleash the complete capabilities of Weather Force and elevate your Microsoft Flight Simulator weather experience.


Whether you're seeking precise weather conditions or planning to take off from a specific airport, Weather Force has you covered with its user-friendly weather search feature. Just input your choice, either by airport or weather criteria, and prepare for departure.

Includes Dynamic Weather Presets!

Don't settle for static weather presets.

Experience dynamic and ever-changing weather throughout your flight with Weather Force's exclusive dynamic weather presets. These presets evolve over time and offer a variety of weather elements that add even more excitement to your simulation experience.

Examples of included presets:

Fair weather
Approaching cold front
Approaching warm front
Hot and humid summer
Lake effect snows
Winter storm
Crisp winter
Spring showers
Rainy Day
Bob Ross Happy Clouds

REX periodically adds new and exciting presets, which are automatically added to your application without the need to update the Weather Force application.
Dynamic Weather Presets from REX in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Goal

Microsoft Flight Simulator provides a strong foundation for weather simulation, but Weather Force takes it to the next level by offering a more comprehensive and immersive weather environment. Accurate weather rendering while remaining faithful to real-world METAR data.

Smoothing Mechanism

Seamless weather transitions with Weather Force's smoothing mechanism that gradually blends weather updates over time. Plus, you have complete control over weather update factors and transition speed to customize your simulation experience.

Continued and Consistent Development

The following is a list of important upcoming updates:

Support for historic/archive weather data.


Support for personal and community weather presets.


Full featured flight center and mapping system.


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  • FIXED – Pressure, wind, and temperature measurements related to aircraft position in atmosphere. 
  • FIXED – Improved grids for selecting airport data during weather injection. 
  • FIXED – Registration process with missing profile data. 
  • FIXED – Bug of missing data with function during static weather read. 
  • FIXED – Checkerboard cloud patterns and transitions between cloud layers. 
  • FIXED – User profile not loading during second load after initial registration. 
  • FIXED – Temperature and dew point being same value on main weather interface.
  • FIXED – Ability to add a favorite airport.
  • FIXED – Selectable area of Favorite Airport banners. 
  • FIXED – Upper-level winds and temperatures not changing when clicking a favorite airport. 
  • FIXED – Cloud coverage. 
  • FIXED – Pressure value being cut off from main interface. 
  • FIXED – Optimized code to search for favorite airport on server end. 
  • FIXED – Optimized code in pulling data for weather injection. 
  • FIXED – Improper handling of Last Update date and time on main window. 
  • FIXED – Issue with lightning to continue to show even when storms were not reported in the metar or remarks.
  • FIXED – Aircraft and weather point location accuracy points. 
  • FIXED – Live Weather airport weather display accuracy. 
  • FIXED – Extreme cold temperatures aloft.
  • FIXED – Temperatures to match data from data models.
  • FIXED – .net error 0xC000014B by updating to latest build of SimConnect.
  • FIXED – Range of weather search for live weather search and injection.
  • FIXED – Some favorite airports not being created due to improper characters.
  • FIXED – Registration errors to confirm data is valid.
  • FIXED – Clicking favorite airports causing weather reports during Weather Synthesis.
  • FIXED – Favorite airports loading store airports on server.
  • FIXED – Favorite airports refresh every 30 minutes.
  • ADDED – Decoupled winds and temperatures from many injections. 
  • ADDED – Code to prevent a user from switching from Live to DCWS weather during open Weather Synthesis. 
  • ADDED – Sections on application to help inform the user which weather mode they are in. 
  • ADDED – Delete All Airports button to allow user to clear all favorite airports on client and server. 
  • ADDED – Response of “No records found” when searching for an airport or specific weather condition. 
  • ADDED – ICAO weather search show ICAO on top of rest of data surrounding the ICAO.
  • ADDED – Persistent weather data injection to help reduce frame rate hits during injection.
  • IMPROVED – Frame rates during transitions. 
  • IMPROVED – Weather search window data elements.
  • IMPROVED – Rendering of storm and general cloud structures.
  • CHANGED – Weather presentation to show wind direction in degrees.
  • CHANGED – Dynamic Changing Weather Scenarios to Dynamic Weather Presets to make more sense.
  • CHANGED – Security protocol within the application.
  • REMOVED - Temperature, pressure, and wind controls from main injection so they will read as aircraft is in flight.
  • SUPPORT - Microsoft Flight Simulator latest version. 


  • FIXED – Multiple cloud layer decks now rendering properly.
  • FIXED – Registration process, to avoid having to re-enter registration criteria.
  • FIXED – Tightened weather synthesis grid to locate closer airports.
  • FIXED – Reduced thickness of low level overcast cloud layers.
  • FIXED – Increased font of METAR and TAF reports on main interface.
  • IMPROVED – Fog rendering when no clouds are reported in the METAR.
  • ADDED – Support for Pilot2ATC.
  • ADDED – Option to disable Aerosol synthesis during weather injection.
  • ADDED – 4 additional Dynamic Weather Presets: Blizzard, Thunderstorm, Rainy Day and Bob Ross Happy Clouds.


  • FIXED – Compatibility issue with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 version


  • FIXED – Favorite airport weather updates.
  • FIXED – Aerosol option not saving.
  • FIXED – Clouds not clearing after full overcast.
  • FIXED – Ability to startup multiple versions of Weather Force.
  • FIXED – Improper weather mode reporting after selecting DWP weather injection on initial load.
  • FIXED – Snow not rendering with use of DWP.
  • FIXED – No snow generating when snow was falling at the airport.
  • IMPROVED – Cloud rendering based upon saturation and stability indexes found in the atmospheric column from balloon and model data.
  • IMPROVED – Clearing cloud density during weather automation.
  • IMPROVED – Pilot2ATC file export weather updates.
  • IMPROVED – Surface weather condition rendering at higher elevation airports.
  • IMPROVED – Initial load of snow on ground based upon 7-day weather conditions.
  • ADDED – Instant updating of temperature, pressure and wind during initial weather injection.
  • ADDED – Instant snow coverage if snow is falling at the departure airport.
  • ADDED – Function to keep snow coverage on the ground during flight based upon 7-day review of snowfall at the airport and temperature during flight.
  • ADDED – Ability to search weather and view weather at favorite airports during weather synthesis.


  • FIXED – Compatibility with latest version of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator (
  • FIXED – Weather injection with metar reporting precipitation, but no clouds.


  • ADDED – Compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator (
  • FIXED – Pressure interpretation.
  • FIXED – Winds and temperature aloft rendering in upper levels.
  • FIXED – Pressure where data is missing in the weather data.
  • FIXED – Incorrect pressure rendering on the main interface.
  • FIXED – Ground snow not properly clearing over time.
  • FIXED – Overcast clouds not properly clearing over time.
  • FIXED – Low-level clouds not rendering bases correctly.
  • FIXED – Weather computations that were causing weather to sometimes not inject during flight.


  • FIXED – Rendering of upper-level winds and temperatures at all levels.
  • FIXED – Improved closest weather update rendering algorithm.
  • FIXED – Saving Aerosol settings option.
  • FIXED – Improved weather search rendering algorithm.
  • FIXED – Improved weather engine cloud layer rendering.
  • IMPROVED - General overall performance and rendering.


  • FIXED – Compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator
  • IMPROVED – General overall weather injection performance.


  • FIXED – Compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • IMPROVED - Frame performance
  • IMPROVED - Cloud rendering with multiple layers
  • IMPROVED - Storm effect rendering 


  • FIXED – Winds and temperatures aloft rendering 
  • FIXED – Cloud layer rendering 
  • FIXED – Rapid pressure changes at higher altitudes 
  • IMPROVED – Frame performance


  • FIXED – Compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator  
  • FIXED – Missing weather data when notes field is null  
  • FIXED – Inaccurate wind and temperature rendering at the surface and aloft.  
  • FIXED – Rapid pressure changes at higher altitudes  
  • FIXED – Weather search for airports with specific wind speeds or visibility readings  
  • FIXED – Aerosol rendering even when disabled  
  • IMPROVED – Snow rendering formula  
  • IMPROVED – Frame performance 


  • FIXED – Compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft's Flight Simulator
  • FIXED – DPI scaling when value is greater than 100%.
  • FIXED – Excessive lightning rendering during storms.
  • FIXED – Misspelling of DWP Rainy Day preset description.


  • FIXED – Compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator (
  • FIXED – Immediate snow fading.
  • FIXED – Snow reduction process and moved independent process.
  • FIXED – Inaccurate temperatures and winds aloft.
  • FIXED – Precipitation not rendering within the flight simulator.
  • FIXED – Clouds not disappearing over time.
  • FIXED – Rapid pressure changes at surface and aloft.
  • IMPROVED – Favorite airport data updates.
  • IMPROVED – Cloud frame rate hit by adding additional performance option.
  • UPGRADED – Data transfer code from Webservices to Web API.


  • FIXED – Anomalies in cloud rendering algorithms.
  • IMPROVED – Temperature rendering at surface and aloft.
  • IMPROVED – Pressure/Altimeter rendering at surface and aloft.
  • IMPROVED – Wind rendering at surface and aloft.
  • IMPROVED – Frame rate performance and experience via performance option.


  • FIXED - Compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • FIXED - Temperature rendering within the aircraft
  • FIXED - Pressure / Altimeter rendering within the aircraft
  • IMPROVED - Rendering of the Aerosol experience


  • FIXED – Compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator – (
  • FIXED – Temperature rending within the aircraft
  • FIXED – Pressure rendering within the aircraft 

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