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Flying in EF
April 30, 2019

REX 5 – Environment Force Released!

Enjoy the first real-time on-the-fly dynamic living environment and real-time on-the-fly advanced shader processor!
April 27, 2019

REX Environment Force Unveiled on Twitch Stream

WX Weather Radar
April 23, 2019

REX 5 – Environment Force Time-Lapse Video Released

A brief look at the new real-time dynamic living environment, weather & visibility smoothing and cloud life cycles from REX Environment Force. The time-lapse also utilizes the Sky Force real-time weather engine, cloud models and textures.
January 11, 2019

Sky Force 3D – Best Of 2018 Award!

"I rate Sky Force 3D for P3D v4+ 4.80 out of 5 - this truly gave me an exceptional added flight simulation experience. Thank you REX Game Studios for creating this amazing addition for the flight simulation community - Keep up the excellent work!"
– Ray Andersen,
Sky Force 3D Best of Award 2018
WX Weather Radar
December 23, 2018

Weather Radar Technical Update 6 Released

Updated for all simulators and mandatory for all users.
December 22, 2018

Yeah Baby... PC Pilot Platinum Award!

"REX has a habit of reinventing one's flight sim experience and once again pushed the boundaries to the limit."
– Jessica Bannister-Pearce, PC Pilot Magazine
Sky Force 3D PC Pilot Platinum Award 2019
REX Compatibility with Prepar3D Version 4
December 4, 2018

Our Product Compatibility With Prepar3D v4.4

Official announcement regarding REX products and Prepar3D version 4.4.