Modernized Airborne Weather Radar for Prepar3D and FSX
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Compatible with Prepar3D, FSX:Steam and FSX. 1 license covers all 3 flight simulators.
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Are you a developer and would like to include the radar in your aircraft?

The 3D version of the WX Advantage Radar is freely available to all 3rd-party developers who wish to integrate the gauge within their aircraft. We make it easy for you to modify the color, texture, text, and the model of the gauge to fit within your paradigm and methodology.


Modeled After the Bendix RDR-4B

State-of-the-art processing providing high standards of performance and reliability with accurate placement of precipitation along the azimuth of the radar beam. As you fly in and out of precipitation it will accurately match the display.

WX Advantage Weather Radar in Action with TFDI 717
Weather Radar in Milviz Aircraft
Weather Radar in 727 Aircraft
Weather Radar in Milviz Aircraft
Popup Weather Radar
717 with REX Weather Radar
Radar Showing Precipitation
Radar Displaying Scattered Showers
Tilt at Full Setting
Radar Incorportated
Weather Radar in Beech Aircraft
REX Weather Radar in Action
Flying Through Storms

Watch The Video

This video demonstates incorporation of the WX Weather Radar in the Milviz 310Redux.

WX Weather Radar User Manual

WX Advantage Radar User Manual

Download today and discover how the REX WX Advantage Radar can elevate your user experience!


Display & Performance

A non-fading color display of precipitation data at selectable ranges up to 160 nautical miles (NM). The radar continuously measures 4 levels of precipitation: green for light precip, yellow for moderate, red for heavy, and magenta for severe precipitation and turbulence. High-resolution 3D precipitation density map, taking advantage of video hardware acceleration for greater performance and level of detail.

Cloud Scan and Dynamic Precipitation Sync

Because the system continuously measures and syncs precipitation, you will receive realistic and accurately placed radar echoes that precisely match depicted atmospheric conditions.

Aircraft Gauge Management Tool

Aircraft Gauge Management Tool

Easily install, edit or remove the 2D radar gauge in any default or 3rd-party aircraft. Includes 4 different types of 2D gauges: dark and clean, dark with dirt, light and clean, light with dirt. Select which version best represents the cockpit you are flying in. Adjust the aspect ratio, size, and location of the radar.

Realistic TILT

Includes full TILT functions. The system analyzes the complete scale of storm structures in real-time and accurately represents the effect of radar attenuation when larger more dense cells are in front of other cells, causing a rain shadow effect.

REX Auto Update

Built-In Auto Update

The built-in auto update technology allows REX Simulations to quickly, effectively and effortlessly deliver updates to our customers.