Sky Force 3D

Adds true dimension and increases atmospheric immersion due to its complete overhaul of the cloud model SDK, weather features, textures, environment effects and weather ambient sounds.

REX Sky Force 3D Hero Graphic

Compatible with Prepar3D v. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5+, FSX:Steam and FSX. 1 license covers all 3 flight simulators.

Clouds, Natural Sky Colors, Sun & Atmospheric Effects, Moon, Lightning and Sound Awareness.

20GB of textures and sounds. Realistic sky colors, with our new technique "VBlend" and "Vaporous Skies". Achieve more realistic horizontal and vertical day, dawn and dusk fog generation and sky visibility blending. With Sky Force 10-Day Cycle installed, the simulator will dynamically load a new sky color transition from sunrise through sunset each day.

REX Simulations invested years in re-designing the cloud model system in FSX and Prepar3D.

Superior cloud and weather formations containing precise definition for all cloud types. Implement soft and more robust detailed clouds together within the same session. 1,598 new 3D cloud model structures, textures and cloud types simulating real-world cloud classification; from uniform clouds to full and complete mature stage cloud structures.

What's Included

Sky Force 3D is the most complete all-in-one environment utility add-on available.

Clouds, weather engine, texture sync, flight center, sun add-on, PTA and environment sounds

User Manual

Download our user manual today to unlock the full potential of Sky Force 3D and transform your Flight Simulator experience.

Features ONLY Found in Sky Force!

  • Dynamically sync weather structures in real-time to match upcoming weather
  • Rain shafts added to calvus and incus cumulonimbus clouds
  • Implemented soft and detailed clouds together
  • No more upside down clouds
  • Weather built server-side, reducing performance hit
  • Quadrupled cloud variants over other products
  • Clouds developed in comparison to real-world counterparts
  • Storms reaching up to 70,000 ft.
  • Cloud repetition greatly reduced
Cloud textures and 3D cloud models FSX P3D Prepar3D

Total Atmospheric Immersion: FSX, FSX Steam & Prepar3D! 

The current cloud model and weather system is extremely limited in the way clouds and full weather systems are displayed. It took 2 years to re-design the entire cloud model and weather system to match real-world cloud classification.

Similar to the 3D aircraft featured in your flight simulator, REX clouds are also meticulously crafted in a three-dimensional format.

Real-world realistic cloud models and textures P3D


Environment textures, tons of them, with a wide variety of mixed natural qualities.

Natural Photo-Based Sky Textures

An abundance of natural sky textures to choose from, including subtle to cinematic sun and atmospheric effects.


Smoother, more realistic natural sky and visibility/fog blending. Experience more realistic horizontal and vertical day, dawn and dusk fog generation and sky visibility blending.

Sun, lens flare effects and sky textures in FSX


The simulator will dynamically load a different sky color transition from sunrise through sunset each day.

Highly realistic textures for P3D, FSX and Prepar3D


The atmospheric rendering special effects range from subtle to extremely cinematic. Sun atmospheric rendering coupled with HDR elements included for use in Prepar3D.

Beautifully rendered sky textures for Flight Simulator

Dynamic Cloud Model Synchronization

The weather engine dynamically synchronizes cloud models based on upcoming weather conditions.

Weather engine P3D, FSX

High-Definition Ambient Sound Effects

Dynamic environment sounds of rain, thunder and wind.

Sound effects for P3D, Prepar3D and FSX/FSX Steam

Interactive Weather Map & Flight Center

Providing 9 weather overlays; precipitation, winds, temps, pireps, sigmets, metar, flight plan, major airports and roads. Local level to regional level. Reduce opacity of precipitation echoes for easy viewing while planning.

Weather map for Lockheed Martin P3D v.3, 4 and 5 and Microsoft FSX

Use flight plans from 3rd-party planners or import flight plans created from the sim.

Download community created flight plans from inside REX.

View departure and arrival airport weather data, as well as winds and temps aloft.

Share your flight plan inside REX so your co-pilot can experience the same route.

REX Community Integration to Share

Shared Community Integration

Share and download environment creations. Save, install, delete or share with fellow REX users around the world and even rate other user saved themes.

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REX Store
  • The implementation of the cloud system in Flight Simulator 2004 introduced a new way to display cloud ‘sprites’ which simulated 3D clouds. This system is still in use within FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D. With the current cloud model system there are many limitations in regards to the way clouds and full weather systems are properly displayed. For example:

    - All of the current cloud models utilize randomly placed sprites. These sprites are randomly rendered inside the simulation, causing most cloud types to be mis-represented within all weather scenarios. This also severely decreases frame rates because of this unnecessary cloud sprite system.

    - According to real-world cloud specifications, cloud thickness is lacking on all cloud types, including position and overall representation. You periodically notice upside down clouds and inaccurate cloud formations.

    - Overcast is not truly represented and containing open areas, or holes.

    - Limited thunderstorm representation and no true severity level as well as no precipitation visuals such as rain shafts.

    - 5/8, 6/8 and 7/8 conditions are misrepresented.

    - Limited cloud type representation.

    - No ability to add certain cloud classification, such as rain shaft, wall clouds, shelf clouds etc.
  • REX Simulations invested years in re-designing the entire cloud model system within FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D . We have successfully created superior cloud and weather formations containing precise definition for each cloud type. We are now able to implement soft and more robust detailed clouds structured together within the same session. We have developed close to 1,600 new 3D cloud model structures, textures and cloud types simulating real-world cloud classification; from uniform clouds to full and complete mature stage cloud structures.
  • Single-Session Cloud Texture Variation . Before Sky Force 3D, the simulator was limited to 8 textures linked to 3D cloud structures and representation. We have now quadrupled that amount to 32. This allows more variety during a flight session, increasing the overall realism. Cloud representation automatically updates without user interaction, making the flying experience more realistic and enjoyable.
  • True Cloud Thickness and Formation Realism.  The current cloud model system within the simulator misrepresents appropriate, real-world cloud classification cloud thickness and formations. In most cases, the randomly created cloud sprites that are injected will cause a severe frame rate hit, especially with more dense cloud cover. Because of this, we notice upside down clouds in bizarre and unrealistic positions, cloud bases that are presented with repeating patterns and no true volumetric feel, all of which affect the overall realism in flight.

    REX Sky Force 3D corrects these problems (and more) and even increases frame rates by eliminating unnecessary cloud sprites for all cloud types. The 3D cloud structures are now correctly and accurately displayed, and detailed clouds will never be represented upside down. In addition, we have added new clouds types to the flight simulator, including; altocumulus, stratocumulus, humilis, mediocris, congestus, tower cumulus, cumulonimbus calvus\supercell\ rainshaft, tornado, stratus, nimbostratus, altostratus and cirrus class.
  • Weather Synced with Current Metar in Real-Time Within the Flight Simulator. Thunderstorm representation within the flight simulator is severely lacking. We not only redesigned the cloud structures, we introduced supper cells and their own weather severity level. During flight you will now able to experience light or heavy precipitation super cells depending on the real-time metar. These include the complete structure of the super cell, wall, funnel, shelf, rain shaft and tornado. Our super cell representation reaches up to 75K feet, making your flight more challenging and realistic to real-world standards. These include single super cell, squall line and multi cell. Calvus clouds have also been greatly improved and contain their own precipitation level as well.
  • Development Based on Real-World Cloud Classification. Each of the 3D cloud model structures were developed in comparison to their real-world counterpart, with their own specifications, positions and heights. Now you can even experience cloud streets with specific cloud types, super cells, wall clouds, funnel, shelf, rain shaft and tornado’s!
  • Cloud Textures for Each Cloud Type . TEXTURE PAIRING: The simulator is limited in cloud texture types in a given scene which have created problems presenting different types of weather systems within a single session. We have developed a weather system which pairs the texturing with the correct cloud types and formations by four times the current amount. By doing this we avoid experiencing incorrect cloud formations on small clouds types and vice-versa. TEXTURE VARIATION FOR FLEXIBILITY: The texture variation has been increased considerably, creating a more versatile and flexible cloud structure system. To add, we also include photographic cirrus cloud textures and organized them into matching meteorological categories for use within our built-in weather analyzation engine.
  • Realistic Overcast, Gap Free and Consistent Flyable Frame Rates . Other weather engines are forced to synthesize multiple overcast layers to try and mask the holes present within the flawed overcast model system. In most cases, these ‘workarounds’ destroy frame rates in dense cloud cover. With our new modeling system, full overcast conditions have been vastly improved. No gaps are noticeable in full overcast conditions at any level.
  • Sub Cloud Types Within Severe Weather Cloud Categories. REX Sky Force 3D has the ability to display sub cloud types from existing cloud types. For example, supercell clouds can contain high or low precipitation, thus making the supercell large or standard. These processes are applicable for all severe weather cloud types within the simulator.
  • Synced With Real-World Metar . If requested, all cloud types can automatically be selected, injected and swapped out into flight simulator in real-time during the flight. From fair weather to extreme meteorological conditions, this process is seamlessly and dynamically achieved according to current metar. Our advanced weather engine reads and interprets live model data to sample the atmosphere and therefore will sync the appropriate clouds structures to give the most accurate experience in-flight.
  • Clouds, Realistic Natural Skies, Sun and Atmospheric Effects, Moon, Lightning and Sound Awareness.  Incorporated within Sky Force 3D are 20GB of textures for clouds, weather systems, sky coloring, sun and atmospheric special effects, moon and lightning presentation as well as sound awareness. Our previous techniques were expanded upon, creating much smoother, realistic and natural sky color blending during dusk and dawn times as well as new visibility and fog techniques. With our new techniques called VBlend and Vaporous Skies, we have achieved more realistic horizontal and vertical day, dawn and dusk fog generation and sky visibility blending. Now, the sun atmospheric rendering effects will be noticeable through the virtual cockpit, creating even more realism. Sun atmospheric rendering coupled with HDR elements included for use in Prepar3D. Also included is our powerful 10-day cycle sky textures category. When the Sky Force 3D 10-Day Cycle is installed, the simulator will dynamically load a different sky color transition from sunrise through sunset each day.
  • Integration with the WX Advantage Weather Radar . Sky Force 3D is fully compatible with the REX/Milviz WX Advantage Weather Radar system. Because of the new cloud model structures in Sky Force 3D, you will notice pinpoint accurate precipitation feedback within large supercell thunderstorms.
  • Sky Force 3D: Weather Engine Friendly . Sky Force 3D includes its own very robust weather engine that takes full advantage of all features to give the best experience of our new cloud/weather system. However, we have made Sky Force 3D work with all other weather engines on the market. If you choose, you may still use your favorite textures or weather engine from other packages.
  • Real-Time In-Sim Weather Synchronization and Weather Search Integration. Incorporated within Sky Force 3D is a powerful real-time weather engine with the added ability to automatically sync our new 3D cloud model structures in real-time. This synchronization process takes place within the simulator to match current meteorological conditions at your location, seamlessly and dynamically. Sky Force examines the TAF report and syncs weather textures and models to match the upcoming weather for the current location while in-sim. Not only does it select the best clouds and sky textures that match the current real-time weather conditions, but also the newly formulated cloud models. Thus, cloud models actually match the weather conditions. The correct type of cumulus, stratus, nimbo-stratus, or cumulonimbus clouds will be selected based upon true real-time weather conditions. With our EDGE weather servers, real-time weather data is downloaded 6x per hour for the most up-to-the-minute data. For example, if a metar reports storms with light rain, then the correct cloud models will be sync’d during your flight at the appropriate location. If a metar reports a tornado or funnel, the system will automatically sync the proper cloud models to represent a tornado on the ground, and so on. The cloud structures themselves also change automatically. Sky Force looks at metar data as well as real-time meso-analysis data to determine CAPE (convective available potential energy) and lifted indexes to determine how unstable the atmosphere is. As the atmosphere becomes more unstable, Sky Force will automatically sync the proper cloud models, determining whether a thunderstorm should be 25,000 or 70,000 feet.

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